SMW Goldinum Edition
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Release date: 2007-10-31
Region: USA
Artist: XOC
Arranged by: XOC
Performed by: XOC
Format: Digital
Total length: 31:41

SMW Goldinum Edition


Track list

01)Title Screen1:19
02)Welcome Theme0:17
03)Yoshi's Island0:27
04)Main Theme1:26
05)Underground Theme1:25
06)Course Clear!0:10
07)Donut Plains0:33
08)Theme Ragtime1:17
09)Vanilla Dome0:49
10)Cheese Bridge0:31
11)Ghosthouse Secret Exit2:09
12)Bonus Game1:01
13)Soda Lake0:32
14)Underwater Theme1:58
15)Cookie Mountain0:27
16)Star Road Medley0:51
17)Special World2:09
18)Butter Bridge0:34
19)Forest Of Illusion1:09
21)Chocolate Island0:32
22)Castle + Castle Boss3:34
23)Entrance Appears0:12
24)Land Of Bowser And Bowser Fight1:36
26)End Credits3:35
27)Death Jingle0:07
28)Game Over0:11
29)Smw Cartoon Theme0:40
30)Main Theme Demo0:54