Star Road: Super Mario Reimagined
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Release date: 2013-09-22
Region: USA
Artist: Karl Brueggemann
Arranged by: Karl Brueggemann
Performed by: Karl Brueggemann, Angie Kezar, Will Brueggemann, Aaron Hedenstrom, Andrew McManimon
Format: Digital
Total length: 17:13

Star Road: Super Mario Reimagined


Track list

01)Out of a Clear Blue Sky (Mario 2 Overworld)Super Mario Bros. 23:28
02)Hurry Up and Wait (Yoshi's Island Athletic)Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island2:17
03)Better Late Than Never (Mario 3 Overworld)Super Mario Bros. 31:57
04)Head Above Water (Mario 64 Dire Dire Docks)Super Mario 643:29
05)Dancing on Air (Starman)Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario 64
06)All's Well That Ends Well (Mario 64 Staff Roll)Super Mario 643:30