Super VG Christmas Party
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Release date: 2014-12-11
Region: USA
Artist: Various
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Format: Digital
Total length: 2:23:37


Track list

1)“Snow Dancing in the Schoolyard” (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)1:24
2)“Flight of Santa Man” (Mega Man)2:41
3)“Freezeezy Peak” (Banjo-Kazooie)2:34
4)“Ski or Die” (Ski or Die)3:48
5)“Vanilla Lake” (Super Mario Kart)Super Mario Kart3:21
6)“Village of Melting Snow” (Soma Bringer)2:36
7)“White Crossing” (Earthbound)3:14
8)“Esto Gaza” (Final Fantasy IX)3:11
9)“Northwall” (ActRaiser)4:30
10)“Another Winter” (Seiken Densetsu 3)4:47
11)“Winter Wonderdrive” (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Crash Team Racing)Mario Kart: Double Dash!!4:58
12)“Slippery When Frozen” (Ice Hockey)1:48
13)“Freeze Frenzy” (Super Mario Galaxy 2)Super Mario Galaxy 22:39
14)“They Call Me Snow Bigman” (Snowboard Kids)3:09
15)“Snow Yell Oh-Ho” (Skullmonkeys)3:00
16)“Tekken Christmas” (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)3:39
17)“Getting Fiesty on the Snow Train” (NiGHTS Into Dreams…)3:59
18)“Bury My Heart in Snow” (Final Fantasy VII)4:52
19)“Ice Cave Enchantment” (Donkey Kong Country)Donkey Kong Country4:22
20)“Main Theme” (Blades of Steel)1:32
21)“Alpine Peak (After Ski Party)” (Donkey Kong Barrel Blast)Donkey Kong Barrel Blast4:56
22)“Gale of Searing Winds” (Dragon Fantasy Book II)3:31
23)“Ice Cap Zone” (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)3:18
24)“Cold Hearted Reploid” (Mega Man X, Mega Man X3, Mega Man X2)4:07
25)“Tonight, I Dine on Turtle Gazpacho” (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game)1:35
26)“El Lienzo Perdido” (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)2:31
27)“A Bell Is Tolling” (Secret of Mana)3:11
28)“A Wish, Crystal Forest” (Secret of Mana)5:49
29)“Mines of Narshe” (Final Fantasy VI)3:01
30)“Cold Howl” (Ōkami)1:24
31)“Tusks of Ice in the Rising Fire” (Mega Man X4)5:15
32)“Kill Chill” (Mega Man 10)3:07
33)“Frozen Pokéballs” (Pokémon Gold and Silver)3:57
34)“Ice Kick” (Killer Instinct)3:26
35)“Snow on Fallen Leaves” (Final Fantasy X)4:00
36)“Winter in Iwatodai” (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3)3:06
37)“Holiday Hare” (Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare '98)3:35
38)“Winter Harvest” (Harvest Moon 64)2:32
39)“East Side Story II: Kninja Hill Rider” (Ninja Gaiden)4:33
40)“Dragonborn's Shout” (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)3:36
41)“All Over the World” (ActRaiser)3:09
42)“Singing Mountain” (Chrono Trigger)2:51