Mega Master Entertainment System
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Release date: 2018-08-01
Region: UK
Artist: Shadow V
Arranged by: Shadow V
Performed by: Shadow V
Format: Digital
Total length: 31:49:00

Mega Master Entertainment System


Track list

1)Golden Axe 2 Intro ThemeGolden Axe 21:52
2)Ken's Theme from Street Fighter 2Street Fighter II2:45
3)Hyrule Castle Theme from Zelda 3The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2:48
4)Stage 2 Bad Dudes vs DragonNinjaBad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja2:46
5)Dreamer from Streets of Rage 2Streets of Rage 22:10
6)Dr. Wily's Castle Theme from Megaman 2Mega Man 22:10
7)Super Fire Pro Wrestling IntroSuper Fire Pro Wrestling1:51
8)Road Rash Intro ThemeRoad Rash2:12
9)Athletic Theme from Super Mario 3Super Mario Bros. 30:52
10)Street Fighter 2 Intro & Outro ThemeStreet Fighter II2:32
11)Big Blue Theme from F-ZeroF-Zero2:14
12)Ultimate Warrior Theme from Super WrestlemaniaSuper Wrestlemania2:02
13)Forest Green from LemmingsLemmings1:04
14)Guile's End Theme from Street Fighter 2Street Fighter II2:13
15)Mario Kart 64 End CreditsMario Kart 642:24