Tangled Memories
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Release date: 2012-01-28
Region: USA
Artist: Prince Ashitaka
Arranged by: Prince Ashitaka
Performed by: Prince Ashitaka
Format: Digital
Total length: 70:07
Website: princeashitaka.bandcamp.com

Tangled Memories


Track list

01)Introduction To The Sky5:59
02)Fear In My Heart4:48
03)The Softest Voice Feat. Animal Collective5:34
04)The Great Forest Spirit4:38
05)Tangled Memories4:55
06)You Could Feel The Night9:04
07)Stickerbrush Symphony Feat. David WiseDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest5:55
08)Happiness Is Only Real When Shared5:08
09)Quietly Into Empty Spaces4:56
10)I Lay Alone In Her Bed Afraid7:40
11)We Sit At Opposite Ends4:51
12)Standing On Your Own6:40