VG Metal Covers Vol. 1
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Release date: 2011-02-04
Region: USA
Artist: ToxicxEternity
Arranged by: ToxicxEternity
Performed by: ToxicxEternity
Format: Digital
Total length: 31:59

VG Metal Covers Vol. 1


Track list

1)Star Fox 64 Metal MedleyStar Fox 6410:41
2)Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme - Metal CoverFinal Fantasy VII0:49
3)Pokemon RBY Gym Battle - Metal CoverPokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Yellow
4)Banjo Kazooie Theme - Metal Cover (feat. N. Caldwell)Banjo-Kazooie1:04
5)Mad Monster Mansion - Metal Cover (feat. N. Caldwell)Banjo-Kazooie2:08
6)Gobi's Valley - Metal CoverBanjo-Kazooie2:09
7)Ocarina of Time Warp Songs - Metal CoverThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time1:47
8)Wizpig - Metal CoverDiddy Kong Racing2:18
9)Majora's Mask Metal MedleyThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask8:28