VG Metal Covers Vol. 3
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Release date: 2013-11-02
Region: USA
Artist: ToxicxEternity
Arranged by: ToxicxEternity
Performed by: ToxicxEternity
Format: Digital
Total length: 44:55

VG Metal Covers Vol. 3


Track list

1)Boss Battle - Metal Guitar Cover (StarFox 64)Star Fox 642:20
2)Bowser's Airship (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Metal CoverSuper Mario Bros. 32:13
3)Haunted Woods (Diddy Kong Racing) - Metal CoverDiddy Kong Racing2:36
4)Ocarina of Time Metal MedleyThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time10:01
5)Phendrana Drifts/Edge - Metal Guitar Cover (Metroid Prime)Metroid Prime5:45
6)Clanker's Cavern (Banjo Kazooie) - Metal CoverBanjo-Kazooie6:02
7)Final Bowser (Super Mario 64) - Metal CoverSuper Mario 643:54
8)Mr. Patch - Metal Guitar Cover (Banjo Tooie)Banjo-Tooie2:09
9)Champion Battle - Metal Cover (Pokemon GSC)Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Crystal
10)Mt. Moon - Metal Guitar Cover (Pokemon RBY)Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Yellow
11)Stormwind City Theme - Metal Guitar Cover (World of Warcraft)World of Warcraft3:23