Three Lives Left
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Release date: 2013-05-09
Region: Chile
Artist: Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project
Arranged by: Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project
Performed by: Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project
Format: Digital
Total length: 35:59

Three Lives Left


Track list

01)Kirby Symphonic Race(Kirby Superstar)Kirby Super Star2:24
02)Entrance To Forest Maze(Super Mario Rpg)Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 1:59
03)Prepare To Vital Mission(Metal Warriors)Metal Warriors2:37
04)The Lonely Town(Soul Blazer)Soul Blazer1:55
05)The Great Epic Battle(Chrono Trigger)Chrono Trigger2:31
06)Prayer Of The Damned(Chrono Trigger)Chrono Trigger2:10
07)The Invasion Of Corneria(StarFox)Star Fox2:28
08)The Puppet Show(Secret Of Evermore)Secret of Evermore2:00
09)Run Mario, Run(Super Mario World)Super Mario World2:00
10)White Wings(Breath Of Fire2)Breath of Fire 21:34
11)Fight Under Sun(Super Street Fighter2 Medley)Super Street Fighter 23:41
12)Magical And Misterious Terra(Final FantasyVI)Final Fantasy VI4:26
13)Duel In The Gold Mine(Wild Guns)Wild Guns2:02
14)The Final Clash(Illusion Of Time)Illusion of Time4:12