Super Famicom New Game Sound Museum Vol. 5
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Publisher: Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
Catalog #: TIM-SFC05
Release date: 1992-??-??
Region: Japan
Composed by: Soyo Oka, et al.
Format: CD
Discs: 1

Super Famicom New Game Sound Museum Vol. 5


A compilation CD made up of music from various Super NES games. The CD was released with an issue of Super Famicom Magazine.

The last six tracks are from Super Mario Kart. "Peach's Theme" and "Toad's Theme" are the themes played when those racers complete a course.

Track list

01)Overture MarchDragon Quest V
02)Stage 3Axelay
03)Stage 5Axelay
04)Stage 6 First HalfAxelay
06)Naskuot FieldLennus
07)Dungeon ThemeLennus
08)Field BattleLennus
09)Rotating Ship ThemeLennus
10)Stage 1Sonic Blast Man
11)HitSonic Blast Man
12)Tung Fu Rue's ThemeGarou Densetsu
13)Rough Downtown AreaGarou Densetsu
14)Yuusha RaidenGarou Densetsu
15)BGM 1Kinnikuman
16)StartLord Monarch
17)Demons WorldLord Monarch
18)Crazy AnimalLord Monarch
19)Shaken EraNobunaga Kouki
20)Main TitleReturn of Double Dragon
21)Mission 5Return of Double Dragon
22)Mission 2Return of Double Dragon
23)Urban ScreenSuzuki Aguri's F1 Super Driving
24)Rain CornerSuzuki Aguri's F1 Super Driving
25)SometimeSuzuki Aguri's F1 Super Driving
26)Final StretchSuzuki Aguri's F1 Super Driving
27)Rapidty in FireSuzuki Aguri's F1 Super Driving
28)Where The Man GoesGreat Strategy Expert
29)Underwater Arrange VersionSD Mobile Suit Gundam
30)Jet Stream AttackSD Mobile Suit Gundam
31)Char's ThemeSD Mobile Suit Gundam
32)Round Selection (Arcade Version)Super Pang
33)Round SelectionSuper Pang
34)Ending Theme 1Super Pang
35)Ending Theme 2Super Pang
36)Field BattleSong Master
37)On the SeaSuper Uncharted Waters
38)PortugalSuper Uncharted Waters
39)Staff RollAssault Suits Valken
40)Mario CircuitSuper Mario Kart1:20
41)Koopa Troopa BeachSuper Mario Kart1:28
42)Rainbow RoadSuper Mario Kart2:01
43)Peach's ThemeSuper Mario Kart0:39
44)Toad's ThemeSuper Mario Kart0:38
45)Battle GameSuper Mario Kart1:20