TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 2
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Release date: 2017-04-06
Region: USA
Artist: Achromatic Residue
Arranged by: Achromatic Residue
Performed by: Achromatic Residue
Format: Digital
Total length: 53:06:00

TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 2


Track list

1)Introduction (Mega Man X4 PSX)Mega Man X43:15
2)Base (Contra NES)Contra1:27
3)Dark World (Monster Party NES)Monster Party3:37
4)Still Alive (Mirror's Edge Theme)(Mirrors Edge Multiplatform)Mirror's Edge2:30
5)Draculas Castle (Castlevania SOTN PSX)Castlevania: Symphony of the Night3:09
6)Imperial March (Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi SNES)Super Return of the Jedi4:28
7)Theme (Legend Of Zelda NES)The Legend of Zelda2:51
8)Theme (Wizards And Warriors III NES)Wizards and Warriors III3:36
9)Grotesque Figures (Shadow Of The Colossus PS2)Shadow of the Colossus2:43
10)Lower Maridia (Super Metroid SNES)Super Metroid2:53
11)Ness's Dream (Earthbound SNES)Earthbound3:34
12)The Undertaker Entrance Theme ( WWF Royal Rumble SNES)WWF Royal Rumble3:12
13)Laboratory Ruins (Batman NES)Batman3:04
14)Theme (Terminator 2 SNES)Terminator 22:13
15)Sea Of Despair (Super Ghost N Goblins SNES)Super Ghost 'n Goblins2:39
16)Tetris Theme (Tetris And Dr. Mario SNES)Tetris & Dr. Mario2:45
17)Gym Leader Battle (Pokemon Blue-Red Gameboy)Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
18)Theme Of Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid PSX)Metal Gear Solid2:45