The Lost Tracks
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Release date: 2012
Region: USA
Artist: El Pogo8bit
Arranged by: El Pogo8bit, Electrodreams
Performed by: El Pogo8bit, Electrodreams
Format: Digital
Total length: 16:07

The Lost Tracks


Track list

01)Evening of the Walking Dead [Evening of the Undead - Zombies Ate My Neighbors - SNES]Zombies Ate My Neighbors3:03
02)The Silent Blues [Silence - F-Zero - SNES]F-Zero3:49
03)Illusion Lullaby [Forest of Illusion - Super Mario World - SNES]Super Mario World3:25
04)Underwater Paranoia [Water World - Donkey Kong Country 3 - SNES]Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble3:05
05)1001 Skeleton Turtle's Bizzarre Adventure [Castle Theme - Super Mario World - SNES]Super Mario World2:45