Everything You Know is Wrong
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Catalog #: TPIH001
Release date: 2006-??-??
Region: USA
Artist: This Place is Haunted
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Arranged by: This Place is Haunted
Performed by: This Place is Haunted
Format: CD
Discs: 1

Everything You Know is Wrong


This Dr. Mario track starts off with a slow, deep Chill theme, followed up by a faster-paced, upbeat Fever (complete with hand claps and shouts). A brief interlude of darker music follows, capped off by more of the hand clapping Fever.

Track list

02)Ecco The Dolphin
03)Legend Of Zelda
04)Nightmare On Elm Street
05)Skate Or Die 2
06)Wall Street Kid
07)Sonic The Hedgehog
09)Dr. Mario [MP3 sample]5:55
10)Altered Beast
11)Marble Mania
13)Bubble Bobble
14)Jurrassic Park
15)Street Fighter 2
16)Wizards and Warriors II
17)Final Fantasy IV