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Publisher: Dissonance Rising Publishing / Records
Release date: 2010-??-??
Region: USA
Artist: Vangough
Composed by: Koji Kondo, David Wise
Arranged by: Clay Withrow
Performed by: Vangough
Format: CD
Discs: 1

Game On


Track 5 is actually a medley of Castle and Bowser themes from the 2D Mario games. The Super Mario Bros. castle theme, Super Mario Bros. 3 airship theme, and Super Mario World Castle themes blend together and lead into Bowser's Battle them from Super Mario World. Much of the track takes on a haunting atmosphere due to clever use of synthesizer to mimic the SNES's "violin" sound, with faster-paced guitar taking over as the battle begins.

Track 6, Coral Capers, is one of the most popular pieces from Donkey Kong Country, and performed very much in the style of the game. Lingering notes ooze over a smooth background keyboard track.

Track list

01)Wily's Castle (MM2)
02)Marine Fortress (WR64)
03)Simon's Revenge (CVIV)
04)Your Darkest Hour (PO)
05)The Turtle King's Lair (SMW) [MP3 sample]4:16
06)Green Hill Terror (StH)
07)Corneria (SF)
08)The Killer Instinct (KI)
09)Torvus Bog (MP2)
10)Coral Capers (DKC) [MP3 sample]5:29