Video Games Live: Level 4
CDs and Soundtracks
Album info
Release date: 2015-02-18
Region: USA
Artist: Video Games Live
Arranged by: Various
Performed by: Various
Produced by: Tommy Tallarico
Format: Digital
Discs: 1
Total length: 45:43


Track list

1)Donkey Kong CountryDonkey Kong Country4:06
2)League of Legends - "The Challengers"League of Legends2:54
3)Final Fantasy VI - "Opera Aria Remix"Final Fantasy VI3:12
4)Cave StoryCave Story3:21
5)World of Warcraft - "Magnificent Desolation"World of Warcraft3:56
6)Metal Gear Solid 3 - "Snake Eater"Metal Gear Solid 32:54
7)Uncharted 2Uncharted 23:16
8)Zelda's LullabyThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time3:42
9)Resident Evil 5 - "Wind of Madness"Resident Evil 54:06
10)Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAssassin's Creed IV: Black Flag2:58
12)Earthworm JimEarthworm Jim5:37