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Release date: 2010-??-??
Region: France
Artist: Megalorganiste (Yoann Turpin)
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Arranged by: Megalorganiste (Yoann Turpin)
Performed by: Megalorganiste (Yoann Turpin)
Format: Digital

VG Soundtrack Legacy


Track list

02)Losts Woods2:52
03)Temple Of Time Rocks3:17
04)Super Mario Athletic R'n'MixSuper Mario World3:33
05)Mario And The Delfino SunshineSuper Mario Sunshine3:55
06)Super Mario Bros Crazy ReemixSuper Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 3
07)The Sinking Old Sanctuary Dance4:12
08)Prime Samus3:22
09)A Guitar Save Corneria4:10
10)Fantasy Ix Melodies Of Chocobo3:34
11)The Place I'll Return To Someday Part B3:48
12)Cid's Fleet4:04
13)Gurugu Volcano Explodes4:33
14)Freya's Tragedy In Burmecia6:26
15)Balamb Garden5:11
16)Final Song Of Prayer5:11
17)Another Via Purifico5:06
18)Molgera Reprise3:10