Pretty Triange and Square Designs (WIP UNMASTERED CUT)
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Release date: 2016-06-18
Region: USA
Artist: Wolf
Arranged by: Wolf
Performed by: Wolf
Format: Digital
Total length: 71:03:00

Pretty Triange and Square Designs (WIP UNMASTERED CUT)


Track list

1)Title Screen0:47
2)Act I Intro: New Day5:42
3)Stage 1: Chicago2:02
4)Stage 2: C64 SEGA Korg Zone2:28
5)Stage 3: Ridge Supra Racer2:47
6)Act II Intro: Back to the House4:23
7)Stage 4: 8-bit Bitch Slap3:45
8)Stage 5: Track1 [Mach 5 Remix]3:32
9)Cutscene: Gravity9:06
10)Act III Intro: Liquid Cap3:39
11)Stage 6: Kerb2:35
12)BOSS FIGHT: Sycho Sid Vicious2:12
13)Bonus Stage: Luigi's Funk BOOgie MansionLuigi's Mansion6:41
14)Act IV Intro: Dead Dragonflies5:48
15)Stage 7: Level 2553:53
17)Black Hole3:47
18)Stage 8: Airship [Star Wolf Remix]Star Fox 642:08
19)GAME OVER0:08