Super Mario World
CDs and Soundtracks
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Publisher: Warner Music Japan
Catalog #: WPCL-233~4
Release date: 1991-02-25
Region: Japan
Composed by: Koji Kondo
Arranged by: Soichi Noriki
Format: CD
Discs: 2
Total length: 46:35,55:55

Super Mario World


The first disc has arranged versions of music from Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario Bros. 3 performed with real instruments.

The second disc has two sections: Background music (tracks 1-72) and sound effects (tracks 73-96). In the liner notes, track 12 is listed as being from Super Mario Bros. but is actually from the Vs. Super Mario Bros. arcade version. There are 107 total sound effects spanning 24 tracks.


  • Sadao Watanabe - alto saxophone, sopranino
  • Soichi Noriki - keyboards
  • Tsunehide Matsuki - electric guitar, acoustic and gut guitar
  • Jun Kajiwara - electric guitar
  • Kenji Takamizu - electric bass
  • Yuichi Togashiki - drums
  • Motoya Hamaguchi - percussion
  • Keiji Toriyama - synthesizer operation

Track list

Disc 1
01)Welcome to Mario World5:19
02)Super Mario World5:11
03)Morning of Yoster Island4:40
04)Mario! Stay Alert! [MP3 sample]4:58
05)Thank You, Mario!5:37
06)Super Mario Bros. [MP3 sample]4:23
07)Shining Coral3:07
08)Go! Go! Raccoon Mario5:06
09)Mario Club Band1:28
10)Peaceful Kinoko-World5:32
11)Good Night, Mario1:14
Disc 2
01)Aboveground BGMSuper Mario Bros.1:41
02)Underground BGMSuper Mario Bros.0:35
03)Underwater BGMSuper Mario Bros.1:01
04)Castle BGMSuper Mario Bros.0:27
05)Invincible BGMSuper Mario Bros.0:20
06)Course Clear FanfareSuper Mario Bros.0:06
07)World Clear FanfareSuper Mario Bros.0:07
08)Time Up Warning SoundSuper Mario Bros.0:04
09)Player DownSuper Mario Bros.0:04
10)Game OverSuper Mario Bros.0:05
11)EndingSuper Mario Bros.0:28
12)Mario Name EntryVs. Super Mario Bros.0:29
13)EndingSuper Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)1:01
14)World 1 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:39
15)World 2 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:27
16)World 3 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:36
17)World 4 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:42
18)World 5 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:29
19)World 5 Sky MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:31
20)World 6 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:25
21)World 7 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:27
22)World 8 MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:28
23)Whistle Sound + Warp MapSuper Mario Bros. 30:22
24)Aboveground BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:55
25)Athletic BGMSuper Mario Bros. 31:01
26)Underground BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:46
27)Underwater BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:59
28)Fortress BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:45
29)King's RoomSuper Mario Bros. 30:24
30)Airship BGMSuper Mario Bros. 31:07
31)Invincible BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:24
32)Enemy BattleSuper Mario Bros. 30:41
33)Fortress BossSuper Mario Bros. 30:48
34)Evil King KoopaSuper Mario Bros. 30:47
35)Kinopio's HouseSuper Mario Bros. 30:34
36)Slot Screen BGMSuper Mario Bros. 30:17
37)Music BoxSuper Mario Bros. 30:41
38)Course Clear FanfareSuper Mario Bros. 30:05
39)Fireworks FanfareSuper Mario Bros. 30:06
40)World Clear FanfareSuper Mario Bros. 30:08
41)Player DownSuper Mario Bros. 30:05
42)Game OverSuper Mario Bros. 30:05
43)EndingSuper Mario Bros. 31:55
44)Title BGMSuper Mario World1:00
45)Map 1 (Yoster Island)Super Mario World0:31
46)Map 2 (Aboveground)Super Mario World0:38
47)Map 3 (Vanilla Dome)Super Mario World0:47
48)Map 4 (Native Star)Super Mario World0:33
49)Map 5 (Lost Forest)Super Mario World0:42
50)Koopa Castle AppearsSuper Mario World0:09
51)Map 6 (Koopa Castle)Super Mario World0:36
52)Map 7 (Special)Super Mario World2:15
53)Aboveground BGMSuper Mario World1:32
54)Athletic BGMSuper Mario World1:26
55)Underground BGMSuper Mario World1:33
56)Underwater BGMSuper Mario World1:48
57)Ghost House BGMSuper Mario World1:44
58)Castle BGMSuper Mario World2:09
59)Switch BGMSuper Mario World0:20
60)Invincible BGMSuper Mario World0:23
61)Bonus Screen BGMSuper Mario World0:55
62)Bonus Screen Clear FanfareSuper Mario World0:05
63)Little Koopa BGMSuper Mario World1:06
64)Little Koopa Castle Clear Demo ­Egg is RescuedSuper Mario World0:06
65)Little Koopa Castle Clear Demo ­BGMSuper Mario World0:14
66)Course Clear FanfareSuper Mario World0:09
67)Castle Clear FanfareSuper Mario World0:09
68)Player DownSuper Mario World0:05
69)Game OverSuper Mario World0:07
70)Evil King Koopa BGMSuper Mario World1:20
71)Princess Peach is RescuedSuper Mario World0:18
72)EndingSuper Mario World4:10
73)Small Mario Jump
Big Mario Jump
Transform into Big Mario or Fire Mario
Become Small Mario
Super Mario Bros.0:12
74)Stomping a Turtle
Kicking a Turtle
Hitting a Wall
Flower or Mushroom Appears
Super Mario Bros.0:11
75)Vine Growing
Brick Crumbling
1UP Sound
Flag Score Goes Up
Timer Count Up Sound
Super Mario Bros.0:15
76)Cannon Sound
Koopa Breathes Fire
Koopa Falling Sound
Super Mario Bros.0:08
77)Wind Sound
Slip Sound
Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)0:09
78)Tail Swing
Frog Jump
Tail Mario Transforms
Lost the Suit
Mario Extends His Arms and Runs
Super Mario Bros. 30:13
79)Stars Gather on the Map
Map Movement Sound
Panel Turns Inside-Out
Item Correct Sound
Item Incorrect Sound
Super Mario Bros. 30:12
80)Wipe Sound
Boomerang's Flight Sound
Little Koopa's Beam Sound
Little Koopa's Spinning Sound
Little Koopa's Flying Sound
Super Mario Bros. 30:14
81)Evil King Koopa FallsSuper Mario Bros. 30:05
Spin Jump
Leaping from Jump Platform
Transforming into Big Mario or Fire Mario
Transforming into Cape Mario
Super Mario World0:13
83)Becoming Small Mario
Item Is Set in the Top Frame
Item Falls from the Top Frame
Rising with the Cape
Super Mario World0:12
84)Grabbed a Balloon
Egg Breaks
Riding on Yoshi
Yoshi Attacks
Yoshi Swallows an Object
Super Mario World0:12
85)Yoshi Changes Color
Yoshi Hits an Enemy
Yoshi Breathes Fire
Yellow Yoshi's Stomp Sound
Super Mario World0:12
86)Stomping a Turtle
Spinning Stomp on an Enemy
Stomping on Bone Turtle
Stomping on Little Koopa
Kicking a Turtle
Super Mario World0:11
87)Turtles Colliding
Hitting a Wall
Dragon Coin
Flower or Mushroom Appears
Super Mario World0:11
88)Vine Growing
Brick Crumbling Sound
1UP Sound
Cutting the Gate
Stomping a Switch
Super Mario World0:12
89)Switch's Timer Runs Out
Message Window Appears
L and R Button Sound
Timer Calculation Sound
Door Opening Sound
Super Mario World0:16
90)Door Closing Sound
Using a Key
Goal Wipe
Magic Beam Sound
Lava Bubble Comes Out
Super Mario World0:14
91)Lava Dragon Jumps Out
Rope Lift Moving
Bat Jumps Out
Bull Whistles
Balloon Popping Sound
Super Mario World0:12
92)Map Path Appears
Map Point Passage Sound
Switch Disappears on Map
Little Koopa Castle Crumbles on Map
Lightning Sound
Super Mario World0:14
93)Earthquake Sound
Fuse Sound
Castle Crumbles in the Demo
Bonus Screen Failure Sound
Wendy Correct Sound
Super Mario World0:16
94)Little Koopa Falls from Above
Little Koopa Spits up a Sphere
Little Koopa Falls in the Fire
Little Koopa Vanishes
Evil King Koopa Escapes
Super Mario World0:19
95)Evil King Koopa's Fire Attack
Evil King Koopa Attacks Once Again
Peach Calls for Help
Evil King Koopa Escapes for the Last Time
A Firework Goes Up
Super Mario World0:21
96)Fireworks SoundSuper Mario World0:04