Mankinds Arrogance
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Release date: 2013-08-10
Region: USA
Artist: The X-Hunters
Arranged by: The X-Hunters
Performed by: The X-Hunters
Format: Digital
Total length: 36:12

Mankinds Arrogance


Track list

1)Zero Part I: The Call (Zero's Theme X3)Mega Man X32:09
2)Lair of the X-Hunters (X-Hunters Stage X2 & X6)Mega Man X2
Mega Man X6
3)A Gathering Storm (Storm Eagle)3:10
4)Kremlin Kong-Quest (Donkey Kong Country)Donkey Kong Country7:21
5)Beneath the Armor of the Earth (Armored Armadillo)2:13
6)Sting of the Centipede (Magna Centipede)2:20
7)Ancestors of Evil (Mega Man 9)Mega Man 93:37
8)Hands of Time (Chrono Trigger)Chrono Trigger5:39
9)Zero Part II: X Vs. Zero (X Vs Zero and Zero's Theme X2)4:13
10)Mankinds Arrogance (Ending X2)Mega Man X23:14