If You Don't Listen To My Music, I'll Kill This Dog
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Album info
Release date: 2009-12-25
Region: USA
Artist: Xoc
Performed by: Xoc
Format: Digital
Total length: 1:58:03
Website: xocmusic.com


Track list

1)Early xoc Mega-Medley ISuper Mario Land
Super Mario World
2)Early xoc Mega-Medley II8:59
3)Adventures in the Magic Kingdom - Try Again / Game Over0:11
4)Bionic Commando - Generalissimo0:11
5)Blades of Steel - Halftime0:35
6)Bomberman - Title Screen0:20
7)Doom II - Title Screen0:17
8)Galaga - Intro0:07
9)Metroid - Samus Fanfare0:10
10)Mr. Do's Wild Ride - Pirate Ship0:21
11)Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel's Castle - Village0:17
12)Goonies R Good Enough2:18
13)Let's Get Together1:32
14)Michelle's Smiling2:16
15)Pinwheel Theme0:57
16)Palace of Stains (Bob Barango w/ xoc and Noah Nelson)2:46
17)Crusty Panties (Magical Teri) XOC 8-Bit Remix3:32
18)Crusty Panties (Magical Teri) XOC 8-Bit Remix (Karaoke)3:32
19)Heretic - Hell's Maw / Cesspool4:02
20)Mario MedleySuper Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Land
Mario Party
21)Out Run - Splash Wave4:48
22)Conker's Bad Fur Day - Windy2:21
23)Kid Niki - Medley4:08
24)The 3-D Adventures of World Runner - Bonus Stage1:37
25)The 3-D Adventures of World Runner - Theme1:13
26)720° - downhill / Moon Patrol1:52
27)Adventure Island - Overworld #11:00
28)Blaster Master - Stage 41:05
29)Burgertime (original version)0:34
30)Chubby Cherub - Level Start / Main Theme / Level Complete1:02
31)Conker's Bad Fur Day - Bad Bees (aka Buff You)1:36
32)Dance Aerobics - Title Screen1:21
33)Donkey Kong Jr. - MedleyDonkey Kong Jr.2:31
34)Double Dragon - Title Screen1:38
35)Empire City 19310:32
36)Kung Fu1:20
37)Lifeforce - Stage 2 / Stage 32:04
38)Marble Madness - Practice Race0:56
40)Metroid - Kraid (country version)2:04
41)Metroid Echoes - Main Menu0:52
42)Metroid Fusion - Zazabi1:15
43)Metroid II: Return of Samus - Title Screen (pts. 1 & 2)2:19
44)Metroid Prime - Distress Signal1:30
45)Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts3:43
46)Mr. Do's Castle2:41
47)Pro Wrestling - Next Challenge / Theme / A Winner is You1:23
48)R.C. Pro Am - Title Screen0:43
49)Renegade - Motorcycle Chase1:12
50)Smash T.V.1:00
51)Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Mystic Cave Zone2:05
52)Sonic the Hedgehog - Boss / Gauntlet II (arcade version)1:58
53)Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone2:28
54)Super C - Area 41:09
55)Super Metroid - Lower Maridia4:19
56)Super Metroid - Mother Brain (accordion version)1:29
57)Super Metroid - Suspense / Miniboss1:45
58)Super Off Road - Name Entry0:58
59)T&C Surf Designs0:58
60)Thunder Castle - Level Slate / Forest / Death Jingle1:48
61)Toobin' - Canals of Mars1:37
62)Wrecking CrewWrecking Crew1:11