Covers vol. 1 (8-bit)
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Release date: 2015-06-07
Region: USA
Artist: ZeroJanitor
Arranged by: ZeroJanitor
Performed by: ZeroJanitor
Format: Digital
Total length: 52:30:00

Covers vol. 1 (8-bit)


Track list

1)Sky Garden (2A03)Mario Kart Super Circuit1:25
2)Meta Crystal (2A03)Super Smash Bros.1:36
3)Robot Museum (2A03)1:30
4)Walking Around The Candy Cane (VRC6)Paper Mario1:37
5)Jet Stingray (2A03)1:55
6)Lavender Town (2A03)1:45
7)Gourmet Race (2A03)2:15
8)Boomer Kuwanger (N163)2:12
9)Kalamari Desert (2A03)Mario Kart 642:30
10)X vs Zero (2A03)2:15
11)Trophy Tussle (N163)Super Smash Bros. Melee1:30
12)Oho Oasis (2A03)Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga1:10
13)Heat Man's Jazz (VRC6)1:31
14)Bubblegloop Swamp (2A03)Banjo-Kazooie2:02
15)Skull Man (VRC6)1:39
16)Polluted Jelly Fields (2A03)1:40
17)Squid Adler / Volt Kraken (2A03)1:59
18)Yoshi's Tropical Island (2A03)Mario Party2:00
19)Song Of Healing (2A03)2:00
20)Flame Stag (VRC6)1:25
21)Wily Tower 2 (2A03)1:38
22)Ghost Gulping (2A03)Paper Mario1:16
23)Blaze Heatnix (2A03)2:15
24)Windy Valley (2A03)1:30
25)Mimiga Village Zone, Act 1 (VRC6)1:34
26)Flame Mammoth (2A03)1:33
27)Let's Get A Move On (2A03)Mario Party 31:25
28)Centaur Man (2A03)1:37
29)K.K. Metal (2A03)1:00
30)Crystal Palace Crawl (2A03)Paper Mario1:32
31)Rave In Lavender Town (2A03)1:12