Covers vol. 2 (Ain't Bit)
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Release date: 2015-06-19
Region: USA
Artist: ZeroJanitor
Arranged by: ZeroJanitor
Performed by: ZeroJanitor
Format: Digital
Total length: 70:10:00

Covers vol. 2 (Ain't Bit)


Track list

1)Lavender Town (MMX)1:31
2)Grape Garden (MMX2)1:21
3)MM8 Dr. Wily Stage 2 (MMX)1:43
4)Bad Dudes stage 2 (SNES assorted)2:06
5)Gobi's Valley (MMX)2:13
6)Hard Man GB (MMX)1:49
7)Pump Man (MMX)1:53
8)Tiny Toons Adventures - Underwater (Super Metroid)1:08
9)Eagle Tower (MMX2)1:22
10)Metal Shark Player (MMX)1:55
11)Armadillo - Texas (Genesis)1:09
12)Out Of Time (MMX)1:15
13)Running Hell (Super Metroid, tropical)1:56
14)Transylvania (MM7)1:21
15)Quick Man (MMX2)1:23
16)Metal Storm - Stage 1 (MMX3)1:28
17)Dr. Cossack 2 (MMX)2:04
18)Gravity (MMX2)1:36
19)slash_34 (CPS2)1:30
20)Syd's Theme: Psychadelic Brie (MM7)1:27
21)MM8 Boss Battle (MM7)0:59
22)Rusty Bucket Bay (Genesis)1:55
23)Aquarius (CPS2)1:23
24)Goonies R' Good Enough (MM7)1:42
25)Ufouria - Overworld (MMX2)1:38
26)Rock Bottom (arranged)1:13
27)Ancient Lake (SMK)Diddy Kong Racing2:40
28)Flame Man (MMX2)1:57
29)Click Clock Wood (MM7)2:28
30)Wind Fortress (MMX)1:32
31)Jigglypuff (SNES assorted)2:03
32)Crystal Snail (Techno)1:45
33)Everfrost Peak (SMK)Diddy Kong Racing1:39
34)Cheetahmen (MMX)2:21
35)The Schemer (MMX)0:48
36)Walk The Invisible (MMX)1:57
37)Blizzard Man (arranged)4:00
38)[BONUS] Click Clock Wood (MMX3)2:28
39)[BONUS] Watermelancholy (arranged)1:30
40)[BONUS] Joseph Joestar (2A03)2:04