Captain N: The Game Master
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Produced by: DiC Entertainment
Episodes: 34
Series premiere: September 9, 1989
Series finale: October 26, 1991
Captain N: The Game Master screen shot

Cameo appearances and references

Super Mario Bros.

Captain N: The Game Master never featured Mario or Luigi, but it did borrow sound effects from Super Mario Bros. often. For example, the fireball and coin sound effects can be heard during the marching scenes in the very first episode. Also in the premiere episode, Captain N brings up Super Mario Bros. when he asks how he arrived in Videoland:

Princess Lana: The Ultimate Warp Zone brought you here.
Captain N: You mean like warp zone four in Super Mario Bros.?
Princess Lana: Something like that.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong appears in the following episodes:

  • Kevin in Videoland (Season 1, episode 1) - While searching for Princess Lana, Captain N and the rest of the team warp into Kongoland, interrupting Donkey Kong's bath. The heroes narrowly escape a barrage of attacks from the angry Donkey Kong.
  • The Ultimate Game Master (Season 1, episode 3) - In a short scene, the N Team watches "Donkey Kong Jones and the Last Banana" on TV. The movie title is, of course, a takeoff of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and it shows Donkey Kong running from a giant, rolling banana -- a parody of the famous boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Videolympics (Season 1, episode 4) - Captain N tries out a life-sized Donkey Kong simulator. Later in the episode, the Videolympic games kick off with Eggplant Wizard and the real Donkey Kong versus Captain N and Kid Icarus in a tag-team wrestling match.
  • Wishful Thinking (Season 1, episode 6) - With the help of a magic lamp, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo wish for an army of Donkey Kongs that trample Kongoland.
  • Simon the Ape-Man (Season 1, episode 10) - Suffering from amnesia after a skateboarding accident, Simon Belmont thinks he is Donkey Kong Junior when he meets Donkey Kong.
  • Happy Birthday, Megaman (Season 1, episode 13) - In the Pleasure Zone, Donkey Kong appears on a TV screen on a wall of video games. He runs away when Captain N shoots the screen with his blaster.
  • Queen of the Apes (Season 2, episode 2) - When Mother Brain accidentally switches bodies with Donkey Kong, the N Team has to protect Kongoland from "Mother Kong."
  • The Lost City of Kongoland (Season 2, episode 6) - Donkey Kong helps the N Team destroy an ancient artifact that Mother Brain is after.
  • I Wish I Was a Wombatman (Season 2, episode 11) - The N Team briefly encounters Donkey Kong during a hazardous tour of a TV studio. As they run to the exit, the heroes dodge Donkey Kong's barrels.
  • The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers (Season 2, episode 12)
  • When Mother Brain Rules (Season 2, episode 14) - This clips show revisits the Donkey Kong scene from season 1, episode 1. Note: Season 2, episode 14 was not included on the DVD set.
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