Famicom Music

Publisher: Alfa Records
Release date: May 25th, 1986 (Japan only)
Catalog #: 28XA-69
Discs: 1 [36:15]
FM cover


A collection of music from some classic Famicom (NES) games. Nice! Well, one thing that irked me is the inclusion of sound effects in some tracks, as if the tracks were recorded as someone was playing the game. To me, these sound effects are a bit distracting.

Six tracks here are Mario-related, including the only Wrecking Crew track I remember seeing on a CD. Track seven, "Super Mario Bros. (Arrange Version)," is yet another remix of the SMB theme; if they were trying to make it sound like a typical 80's dance remix, then they did a great job.

Track list

  1. Super Mario Bros. [5:59]
  2. Balloon Fight
  3. Balloon Trip (Arrange Version)
  4. Donkey Kong [2:37]
  5. Baseball-Soccer-Golf-Tennis
  6. Wrecking Crew [2:53]
  7. Super Mario Bros (Arrange Version) [4:20]
  8. Donkey Kong Jr. [3:20]
  9. Excite Bike
  10. Mario Bros. [2:44]
  11. The Legend of Zelda

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