Famicom Music: Best Selection

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment
Release date: October 1st, 1992 (Japan only)
Catalog #: SRCL 2476
Composers: Various
Discs: 1 (48:28)
FMBS cover


For those of you confused about the title, "Famicom" is what the NES was called in Japan.

Track list

  1. From Nintendo "Super Mario Bros." [4:08 total]
    (1) Underwater BGM [0:28]
    (2) Overworld BGM [3:40]
  2. From Nintendo "Mother"
    Eight Melodies
  3. From Nintendo "Legend of Zelda"
    Overworld Theme
  4. From Square "Final Fantasy II"
    Chocobo's Theme
  5. From KOEI "Three Countries Will II"
    Kure's Theme
  6. From Hudson "Momotarou Legend"
    Theme of Love and Courage
  7. From Square "Final Fantasy III"
  8. From Nintendo "Mother"
  9. From Enix "Dragon Quest II"
    This Road I Travel
  10. From Square "Final Fantasy III"
    (1) Prelude
    (2) Battle 1
  11. From Hudson "Momotarou Legend"
    Voice of Heaven
  12. From Tecmo "Captain Wing II"
    The Super Striker
  13. From Enix "Dragon Quest III"
  14. From Square "Final Fantasy III"
    Ending Theme

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