Fantastic World of Super Mario Bros. 3

Publisher: Apollon
Release date: December 5th, 1988 (Japan only)
Catalog #: BY12-5031
Composer: Koji Kondo
Discs: 1 (21:24)
Fantastic World of Super Mario Bros. 3 cover


From the jazzy rendition of the SMB3 main theme (track 1) to the credits theme with a Spanish flair (track 4), the arranged part of this album succeeds in keeping things interesting. What's even more interesting is that the "Smoke on the Water" riff appears in track 2 at the 2½ minute mark! Track 5 brings listeners back down to Earth with what sounds like a recording of somebody playing through eight worlds of SMB3 edited down to 10 minutes.

The word "Fantastic" is misspelled "Fantasic" on the album.

Track list

  1. In the Fantastic Mood [2:56]
  2. I Can't Help Fighting With You [3:07]
  3. Mario Concerto [2:27]
  4. The End of the Fantastic World [2:53]
  5. Super Mario Bros. 3, Game Original Sound Story —Selected Medley— [10:01]

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