Nintendo Sound Adventures

Publisher: Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Release date: 1998
Composer: ?
Discs: 1
NSA cover


This promo released by Nintendo of Europe features five previously unreleased remixes mixed in with other songs lifted directly from "regular" game soundtracks. Tracks 1 and 2 are Mario-related dance mixes; track 1 is an odd remix featuring snippets of the famous SMB theme, along with SM64's "It's-a Me, Mario!" sound clip floating through once in a while. In track 2, Yoshis sing ("La, la-la-la, la!...") over music that doesn't seem to be from Yoshi's Story. As for the other Mario-related tracks, tracks 6, 7, and 11 are from the SM64 OST, and tracks 5 and 12 are from Yoshi's Story Game Soundtrack. Rounding out the CD are songs from Starfox 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Track list

  1. Overture (Mario's Jungle Intro) [3:26] [MP3 sample]
  2. Yoshi's Story (Breakbeat Inferno) [4:25] [MP3 sample]
  3. Versus (M.I.R. Rampage)
  4. Aquas
  5. Yo-Yo-Yoshi [2:35]
  6. Marioraver [0:54]
  7. Aqua Arie [3:06]
  8. Deku
  9. Sound of Lylat (Hip Hop Hype)
  10. Hyrule (Princess 'Z' Trigger)
  11. Overture [3:31]
  12. Yoshi's Story [1:15]
  13. Versus
  14. Sound Of Lylat
  15. Hyrule

Cover scan and track listing provided by BaYaRd.

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