Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 2: Koopa - Loud Music
Album infoCover
Publisher: Scitron Digital Content / Club Nintendo
Release date: 2004 (Japan only)
Catalog #: CN-P018
Composers: Various
Discs: 1 (50:38)
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Like the Peach - Healing Music CD, the "Koopa - Loud Music" CD could only be obtained by redeeming 400 points in Nintendo's Japanese Club Nintendo program. For the second volume of the Nintendo Sound Selection collection, Nintendo has compiled a selection of loud, rockin', and just plain sinister music from a variety of Nintendo games.

The album kicks off with "Rainbow Road" from the Japan-only F-Zero X Expansion Kit (64DD). The track is basically the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart 64 redone F-Zero X-style. Tracks from 8 different Mario games, including one each from Wario Land 4, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and Luigi's Mansion, account for almost half of the CD. The "Fortress Boss" music from Super Mario Bros. 3 appears once in its original form, then again in track 22 as an extended "arranged" version by Nintendo sound staff, complete with wailing electric guitar by Mitsuhiro Hikino.

Track 22 credits:

  • Guitar: Mitsuhiro Hikino
  • Bass: Kenta Nagata
  • Digital Guitar: Kazumi Totaka
  • Arranged Version: Kazumi Totaka

Track 23 is also a performance by Nintendo sound staff.

Track list

Track nameGameLength
01Rainbow RoadF-Zero X Expansion Kit02:55
02Rendezvous Of GhostF-Zero X Expansion Kit 
03JaponF-Zero X Expansion Kit 
04Car SelectF-Zero X 
05Fire FieldF-Zero 
06Secret Waste Processing PlantWario Land Advance02:35
07Wario's Whatever CompanyMade In Wario00:36
08Oni's TimeShin Onigashima 
09KoopaYoshi's Island02:45
10Port PiratesWaverace 64 
11Marine FortressWaverace 64 
12Victory Podium 2nd PlaceWaverace 64 
13K.K. MetalAnimal Forest e+ 
14KoopaSuper Mario World01:39
15CastleSuper Mario Kart02:04
16Koopa Castle CourseMario Kart Advance02:17
17Fortress BossSuper Mario Bros. 300:49
18Teresa ReleaseLuigi's Mansion00:24
19Vacant Lives1080° Snowboarding 
20Golden Forest1080° Snowboarding 
21Grasp Power!1080° Snowboarding 
22Fortress BossSuper Mario Bros. 305:47
23Oni's TimeShin Onigashima 

Translation guide:

  • Koopa = Bowser
  • Teresa = Boo