Super Smash Bros. Melee: Smashing...Live!

Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: January, 2003
Catalog #: N/A
Composers: Various
Arranged by: New Japan Philharmonic
Discs: 1 (61:53)


On August 27th, 2002, the New Japan Philharmonic performed 15 pieces from SSBM, live in Tokyo, Japan. Fortunately for fans of Smash Bros. and Nintendo music, Nintendo recorded the concert! The US release came in the form of a Nintendo Power "subscription bonus," bundled with the January 2003 issue.

In the great medley (track 12), the orchestra starts out with 57 seconds of the classic Super Mario Bros. overworld theme, then quickly switches over to the overworld theme from SMB2, which is played for a little over a minute. The next instance of Mario music is at 7:44 into the track, where we are treated to a minute of the "athletic" theme from Super Mario World. A bit later, the SMB3 overworld theme is played for about 35 seconds, starting at 9:41. Finally, the "Mushroom Kingdom" theme from Super Smash Bros. Melee (a combination of the SMB underground and overworld themes) starts at the 12-minute mark and eventually ends the medley.

Track list

  1. Planet Corneria [2:05]
  2. Jungle Garden [2:57]
  3. Great Bay Shrine [4:14]
  4. Dr. Mario [4:04]
  5. Original Medley [5:00]
  6. Dream of Fountain [3:35]
  7. Pokémon Medley [5:42]
  8. Opening [2:40]
  9. Planet Venom [2:19]
  10. Yoshi's Story [2:43]
  11. Depth of Brinstar [3:41]
  12. Smash Bros. Great Medley [14:18]
  13. Fire Emblem [3:52]
  14. Green Greens [1:53]
  15. Rainbow Cruise [2:49]

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