Ulu - Live at the Wetlands-Preserve NYC

Publisher: Phoenix Presents Records
Release date: February 22nd, 2000
Artist: Ulu
Discs: 1 (??:??)
LatWP cover


Ulu is a jam band based in New York City, and this CD is a recording of their live performance on November 19th, 1999. On track number 7 (entitled "SMB"), Ulu gets their Mario groove on, busting out a nice jazzy version of the Super Mario "main theme" along with an absolutely incredible rendition of the underground and castle themes.

Track list

  1. Dilly Dally
  2. The Grape
  3. Personaface
  4. Crooked
  5. Dance of Franastan
  6. Bert's Meatballs
  7. SMB [2:23] [MP3 sample]
  8. Mouthlove
  9. Opa

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