The Japanese game is listed on Nintendo's website as "Mario & Luigi RPG 2," although its title logo reads "Mario & Luigi RPG 2x2."

Region Title Release date Platform
Japan マリオ&ルイージRPG2
Mario & Luigi RPG 2
12/29/2005 Nintendo DS
USA Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 11/28/2005 Nintendo DS

Even though it was developed by Alphadream in Japan, MLPIT was released in the U.S. first, most likely to get it out on store shelves for Christmas shoppers.

What are the chances?

Early in the game, E. Gadd gives the probability of Peach returning in the time machine. Her chances improve in the U.S. version, where the number has three more decimal places.

Save screen

After saving your game, the Japanese version has commas between the circled button letters.


The cost of living again

Both 1-Up 'shrooms cost 20 more Coins in the U.S. version. The price before Stache discount for the 1-Up Mushroom is 40 Coins in the Japanese version and 60 Coins in the U.S. version.

1-Up Mushroom: 40 Coins1-Up Mushroom: 60 Coins

The 1-Up Super's price before Stache discount is 100 Coins in the Japanese version and 120 Coins in the U.S. version.

1-Up Super: 100 Coins1-Up Super: 120 Coins

Bros. Item list order

For the Bros. Item selection list on the bottom screen, the U.S. version puts the newest items at the top, whereas the Japanese version has them ordered by type. Notice that the "Current Bros. Items" order on the top screen matches the order on the bottom screen in the Japanese version, but it was not changed to match the new order in the U.S. version. This causes the highlighted line on the top screen to jump around wildly as you scroll through the items on the bottom screen.

Bottom screen: Bros. Items grouped by typeBottom screen: Bros. Items grouped by appearance

Bros. Item list continuedBros. Item list continued

The bean biz

"Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge" is known as "Gerakowitz Salon" ("Fawful Salon") in the Japanese version.

Gerakowitz SalonFawful's Bean 'n' Badge


Translated by Tim O'Leary and rewritten by Nate Bihldorff, the original Japanese script received small changes throughout the game. For example, when the brothers revive Toadsworth, he shouts "Kinojii revival!" in the Japanese version, which was changed to "HUZZAH!" in the U.S. version.

Kinojii revival!HUZZAH!

One not-so-subtle change is seen when meeting the Hammer Bros. in Vim Factory. To help show that they are not their normal selves, their Japanese text is entirely in katakana. In the U.S. version, the Hammer Bros. talk in L33tspeak.


The second Yoshi that hatches from Sunnycide's eggs is yellow in the Japanese version and black in the U.S. version.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Toad Town Save Album

The Save Album in the north-western area of Toad Town is inside the item shop in the Japanese version, but outside it in the U.S. version. It looks a little better on the map screen with the Save Album icon moved off of the shop.

Japanese versionU.S. version
Japanese versionU.S. version

Automatic attacks

Bowser, Elder Shrooboid, and the elder Princess Shroob have "automatic attacks" in the Japanese version. When the player attacks the enemy, a "!" appears over the enemy's head, who will then attack back no matter whose turn it is. Bowser's automatic attack is his fire breath, Elder Shrooboid's is his rotating spiked ball, and Princess Shroob's attack is her body ram.

Japanese versionJapanese versionJapanese version
BowserElder ShrooboidPrincess Shroob

Bowser + Baby Bowser

Baby Bowser will sometimes use mushrooms to heal himself or Bowser. In the Japanese version, they restore 60 HP. In the U.S. version, they restore 100 HP.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Elder Shrooboid

In his second phase, Elder Shrooboid brings out a UFO that deals instant death when its countdown timer reaches zero. You may recall in the U.S. version that the UFO starts on the right side of the top screen and switches sides every turn. To reset the UFO's timer, the babies must hammer the spiked balls thrown by Elder Shrooboid into the UFO. It's a little tricky, because Baby Mario hammers the ball up and to the right, whereas Baby Luigi sends it straight up. Hitting the UFO is a little easier in the Japanese version, where the UFO stays in the upper-right corner, and both babies hammer the spiked ball up and to the right.

Japanese versionU.S. version


One of Shroobsworth's attacks consists of him and Intern Shroob throwing a purple meteor. The meteor flies through the air faster in the U.S. version.

Princess Shroob

In the U.S. version, when the player defeats the first Princess Shroob, the victory screen appears showing that no experience points or Coins are awarded. In the Japanese version, the battle screen immediately fades out to the field after the death animation.

U.S. version

In her first form, the elder Princess Shroob calls for a green drink that recovers 120 HP in the U.S. version. The same drink only recovers 80 HP in the Japanese version. (Note that the Japanese elder Princess Shroob has fewer HP.)

Japanese versionU.S. version


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
クッパ城Kuppa JōKoopa CastleBowser's Castle
ザラザラ砂漠Zarazara SabakuZarazara DesertGritzy Desert
メリー・クリスタケ村Merī Kurisutake MuraMerry Kurisutake VillageHollijolli Village
カメジェットKame JettoTurtle JetKoopa Cruiser
ノコミティ・ドームNokomiti DōmuNokomiti DomeKoopaseum
キノコ城Kinoko JōMushroom CastlePeach's Castle
かこのキノコ城Kako no Kinoko JōThe Past Mushroom CastlePeach's Castle (Past)
ゲドンコ城Gedonko JōGedonko CastleShroob Castle
マザーシップMazāshippuMothershipShroob Mother Ship
スターの丘Sutā no OkaStar HillStar Hill
スターのしんでんSutā no ShindenStar TempleStar Shrine
ドッスンボルケーノないぶDossun Borukēno NaibuInside Dossun VolcanoThwomp Caverns
ドッスン・ボルケーノDossun BorukēnoDossun VolcanoThwomp Volcano
キノコタウンKinoko TaunMushroom TownToad Town
キノープルの森Kinōpuru no MoriKinopuru ForestToadwood Forest
エネルギーこうじょうEnerugī KōjōEnergy FactoryVim Factory
ヨースター島Yōsutā TōYoster IslandYoshi's Island
ゲッシーの中Gesshī no NakaGesshi's BellyYoob's Belly


  • According to Toadsworth, "Shroob Castle" is what the Shroobs call Peach's Castle (Past). The name does not appear in Save Albums.


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ベビィマリオBebī MarioBaby MarioBaby Mario
ベビィルイージBebī RuījiBaby LuigiBaby Luigi
ピーチ姫Pīchi HimePrincess PeachPrincess Peach
ベビィピーチ姫Bebī Pīchi HimeBaby Princess PeachBaby Princess Peach
オヤ・マー博士Oya Mā HakaseProfessor Oya MaProfessor E. Gadd


The following chart also lists enemy stat changes for heart points (HP), experience points (Exp), and Coins.

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ゲドンコファイアGedonko FaiaFire GedonkoBlazing Shroob
18 HP, 5 Exp, 4 Coins
15 HP, 5 Exp, 4 Coins
24 HP, 10 Exp, 5 Coins
Boo Guy
19 HP, 8 Exp, 5 Coins
ヘイホーほうHeihō HōHeiho Cannon
20 HP, 8 Exp, 5 Coins
Boom Guy
18 HP, 8 Exp, 5 Coins
やりヤッシーYariyasshīYari Yasshi
48 HP, 20 Exp, 6 Coins
50 HP, 20 Exp, 6 Coins
テレテレサTereteresaTereteresaDark Boo
ゲドンコドクターGedonko DokutāGedonko Doctor
45 HP, 18 Exp, 10 Coins
Dr. Shroob
46 HP, 18 Exp, 10 Coins
41 HP, 24 Exp, 7 Coins
Dry Bones
41 HP, 32 Exp, 7 Coins
ドカンパックンDokan PakkunDokan Pakkun
38 HP, 14 Exp, 6 Coins
35 HP, 16 Exp, 6 Coins
エリートヘイホーほうErīto Heihō HōElite Heiho CannonElite Boom Guy
プロペラヘイホーPuropera HeihōPropeller HeihoFly Guy
100 HP, 100 Exp, 10 Coins
Ghoul Guy
157 HP, 100 Exp, 10 Coins
ノコレオンゴールドNokoreon GōrudoGold Nokoreon
10 HP, 84 Exp, 80 Coins
Gold Koopeleon
10 HP, 84 Exp, 100 Coins
13 HP, 3 Exp, 3 Coins
14 HP, 3 Exp, 3 Coins
ゲドンコガードGedonko GādoGedonko GuardGuardian Shroob
シルエットハンドShiruetto HandoSilhouette HandHandfake
18 HP, 7 Exp, 4 Coins
18 HP, 6 Exp, 4 Coins
UFOジュゲムUFO JugemuUFO Jugemu
30 HP, 15 Exp, 7 Coins
34 HP, 16 Exp, 7 Coins
ひっさつボムHissatsu BomuLethal BombLethal Bob-omb
ライフィRaifiRaifiLove Bubble
32 HP, 18 Exp, 6 Coins
35 HP, 18 Exp, 6 Coins
ドドリゲスDodorigesuDodorigesuPidgit (with bag)
ビジターパックンBijitā PakkunVistor Pakkun
180 HP, 170 Exp, 20 Coins
Piranha Planet
144 HP, 170 Exp, 20 Coins
ゲドンコパイロットGedonko PairottoGedonko Pilot
78 HP, 36 Exp, 8 Coins
RC Shroober
78 HP, 26 Exp, 8 Coins
レッドヤッシーReddo YasshīRed YasshiRed Coconutter
ゲドンコマシーンGedonko MashīnGedonko MachineShroid
28 HP, 3 Exp, 2 Coins
15 HP, 3 Exp, 2 Coins
ゲドボンGedobonGedobonShroob Rex
ゲドンコダイバーGedonko DaibāGedonko DiverShrooba Diver
ゲドンコミニGedonko MiniMini Gedonko
10 HP, 2 Exp, 3 Coins
7 HP, 2 Exp, 3 Coins
ゲドンコマスターGedonko MasutāGedonko Master*
160 HP
160 HP
ゲドンコアシスタントGedonko AshisutantoGedonko Assistant
120 HP
180 XP, 20 Coins (total)
Intern Shroob
132 HP
180 XP, 20 Coins (total)
ホネサンボHonesanboBone Sanbo
90 HP, 100 Exp, 10 Coins
84 HP, 100 Exp, 10 Coins
ソルフィSorufiSorufiSoul Bubble
16 HP, 8 Exp, 5 Coins
Spiny Shroopa
16 HP, 2 Exp, 2 Coins
98 HP, 82 Exp, 9 Coins
92 HP, 82 Exp, 9 Coins
フェイスブロックFeisu BurokkuFace BlockThwack
トーテムブロックTōtemu BurokkuBlock Totem
146 HP, 60 Exp, 30 Coins
Thwack Totem
110 HP, 60 Exp, 10 Coins
ワンダーブロックWandā BurokkuWonder BlockWonder Thwack
Bosses (and helpers)
1000 HP
1100 HP
ベビィクッパBebī KuppaBaby Koopa
700 HP
820 Exp, 350 Coins (total)
Baby Bowser
640 HP
820 Exp, 350 Coins (total)
ゲドンコリーダーGedonko RīdāGedonko Leader
900 HP, 750 Exp, 150 Coins
Commander Shroob
1600 HP, 750 Exp, 150 Coins
ゲドンコサポーターGedonko SapōtāGedonko Supporter
180 HP, 10 Exp, 5 Coins
Support Shroob
110 HP, 10 Exp, 5 Coins
ゲドンコボムGedonko BomuGedonko BombShroob-omb
ゲドンコモンスターRGedonko Monsutā RGedonko Monster R
1000 HP (1st phase)
900 HP (2nd phase)
1500 Exp, 400 Coins
Elder Shrooboid
1750 HP (1st phase)
1200 HP (2nd phase)
1500 Exp, 400 Coins
ハンマーブロスHanmā BurosuHammer Bros.
90 HP, 40 Exp, 35 Coins
Hammer Bro
100 HP, 40 Exp, 35 Coins
ハンマーブロスHanmā BurosuHammer Bros.
90 HP, 40 Exp, 35 Coins
Hammer Bro
100 HP, 40 Exp, 35 Coins
ゲドンコモンスターGGedonko Monsutā GGedonko Monster GJunior Shrooboid
230 HP (large form)
50 HP (small form, fake)
400 HP (small form)
400 Exp, 150 Coins
Mrs. Thwomp
150 HP (large form)
50 HP (small form, fake)
400 HP (small form)
400 Exp, 0 Coins
ボスパックンBosu PakkunBoss Pakkun
1000 HP, 360 Exp, 250 Coins
Petey Piranha
1300 HP, 360 Exp, 250 Coins
ゲドンコ姫Gedonko HimePrincess Gedonko
1700 HP, 0 Exp, 0 Coins
Princess Shroob
3000 HP, 0 Exp, 0 Coins
ゲドンコ姫Gedonko HimePrincess Gedonko
1800 HP (1st phase)
2000 HP (2nd phase)
0 Exp, 0 Coins
Princess Shroob (elder)
3500 HP (1st phase)
3000 HP (2nd phase)
0 Exp, 0 Coins
350 HP
200 HP
500 HP
400 HP
200 HP
200 HP
ゲドンコモンスターBGedonko Monsutā BGedonko Monster B
900 HP, 180 Exp, 100 Coins
Shrooboid Brat
1100 HP, 180 Exp, 100 Coins
ショッキング・エッグShokkingu EgguShocking EggSunnycide


  • *Masutā means master (e.g. arts and science).
  • Usually, HP/Exp/Coin changes occurred along with changes to Power, Defense, or Speed. See our M&L:PIT guide for the complete stats list.
  • "Yari Yasshi" (Coconutter) comes from two words: Yari, meaning "spear", and yashi, meaning "coconut tree".
  • The name "Togerian" (Spiny Shroopa) comes from two words: Toge (spike) and eirian (alien).
  • Gnarantula, the cloud-covered spider, has a design inspired by the Japanese word kumo, which means both "spider" and "cloud." Gnarantula's Japanese name: Kumonchura.
  • Boo Guy's Japanese name, Reiho, contains the word for ghost (rei). It also rhymes with Heiho, the Japanese name for Shy Guys.


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
スーパーキノコSūpā KinokoSuper MushroomSuper Mushroom
ウルトラキノコUrutora KinokoUltra MushromUltra Mushroom
MAXキノコMAX KinokoMax MushroomMax Mushroom
キノコドロップKinoko DoroppuMushroom DropMushroom Drop
スーパーキノコドロップSūpā Kinoko DuroppuSuper Mushroom DropSuper Drop
ウルトラキノコドロップUrutora Kinoko DuroppuUltra Mushroom DropUltra Drop
1UPキノコ1UP Kinoko1-Up Mushroom1-Up Mushroom
1UPキノコDX1UP Kinoko DX1-Up Mushroom DX1-Up Super
リフレッシュハーブRifuresshu HābuRefresh HerbRefreshing Herb
レッドペッパーReddo PeppāRed PepperRed Pepper
グリーンペッパーGurīn PeppāGreen PepperGreen Pepper
ブルーペッパーBurū PeppāBlue PepperBlue Pepper
Key Items
コバルトスターKobaruto SutāCobalt StarCobalt Star
リフレッシュキノコRifuresshu KinokoRefresh MushroomRefreshroom
コバルトスターのカケラKobaruto Sutā no KakeraCobalt Star FragmentCobalt Star Shard
キノックルの絵Kinokkuru no EKinokkuru's DrawingToadbert's Drawing
Bros Items
みどりこうらMidorikōraGreen ShellGreen Shell
あかこうらAkakōraRed ShellRed Shell
ブラザーフラワーBurazā FurawāBrothers FlowerBro Flower
アイスフラワーAisu FurawāIce FlowerIce Flower
スマッシュエッグSumasshu EgguSmash EggSmash Egg
ポケットワンワンPoketto WanwanPocket WanwanPocket Chomp
チビほうだいChibi Hō DaiSmall Cannon PlatformCannonballer
スーパージャンプだいSūpā Janpu DaiSuper Jump PlatformTrampoline
コピーフラワーKopī FurawāCopy FlowerCopy Flower
ミックスフラワーMikkusu FurawāMix FlowerMix Flower


Clothing in the Japanese game gives the brothers a bigger Defense boost. We've included all clothing stats in the following chart. (Def = Defense, Sp = Speed, St = Stache, Pow = Power.)

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
Adult Clothing
アダルトズボンAdaruto ZubonAdult Trousers
+65 Def, +10 Sp, +5 St
Adult Trousers
+50 Def, +10 Sp, +5 St
ブロックズボンBurokku ZubonBlock Trousers
+90 Def
Block Trousers
+70 Def
ブランドズボンBurando ZubonBrand Trousers
+45 Def
Branded Slacks
+35 Def
マッスルズボンMassuru ZubonMuscle Trousers
+20 Pow
Muscle Slacks
+20 Pow
パタパタズボンPatapata ZubonPatapata Trousers
+130 Def, +80 Sp
Para Slacks
+110 Def, +80 Sp
つぎはぎズボンTsugihagi ZubonPatched Trousers
+30 Def
Patched Slacks
+20 Def
ふわふわズボンFuwafuwa ZubonFluffy Trousers
+10 HP, +50 Def
Puffy Trousers
+10 HP, +40 Def
ロイヤルズボンRoiyaru ZubonRoyal Trousers
+140 Def
Royal Trousers
+120 Def
キノコズボンKinoko ZubonMushroom Trousers
+20 HP, +110 Def
Shroom Slacks
+20 HP, +90 Def
こうらズボンKōra ZubonShell Trousers
+75 Def
Shell Slacks
+60 Def
スペースズボンSupēsu ZubonSpace Trousers
+30 Pow, +150 Def, +20 St
Space Trousers
+30 Pow, +130 Def, +20 St
スターズボンSutā ZubonStar Trousers
+15 Pow, +115 Def
Star Trousers
+15 Pow, +95 Def
パーフェクトズボンPāfekuto ZubonPerfect Trousers
+30 (all but Def), +170 Def
Supreme Slacks
+30 (all but Def), +150 Def
セクシーズボンSekushī ZubonSexy Trousers
+20 Hp, +20 Sp, +10 St
Svelte Slacks
+20 Hp, +20 Sp, +10 St
ぺらぺらズボンPerapera ZubonThin Trousers
+20 Def
Wafer Slacks
+10 Def
ワイルドズボンWairudo ZubonWild Trousers
+5 Pow
Wild Trousers
+5 Pow
Baby Clothing
100てんパンツ100 Ten Pantsu100-Point Pants
+20 (all but Def), +120 Def
100-Point Pants
+20 (all but Def), +100 Def
エッグパンツEggu PantsuEgg Pants
+55 Def
Egg Pants
+38 Def
ゴールデンパンツGōruden PantsuGolden Pants
+80 Def
Golden Pants
+48 Def
ハートパンツHāto PantsuHeart Pants
+10 HP, +40 Def
Heart Pants
+10 HP, +30 Def
キノコパンツKinoko PantsuMushroom Pants
+15 HP, +75 Def
Mushroom Jeans
+15 HP, +55 Def
こだわりパンツKodawari PantsuTrouble Pants
+35 Def
Preferred Pants
+25 Def
ロケットパンツRoketto PantsuRocket Pants
+20 Pow, +100 Def, +10 St
Rocket Jeans
+20 Pow, +80 Def, +10 St
ロイヤルパンツRoiyaru PantsuRoyal Pants
+95 Def
Royal Pants
+75 Def
シークレットパンツShīkuretto PantsuSecret Pants
+50 Def, +10 Sp, +5 St
Secret Jeans
+34 Def, +10 Sp, +5 St
サラサラパンツSarasara PantsuSilky Pants
+15 Def
Silky Pants
+6 Def
ヒゲパンツHige PantsuMoustache Pants
+90 Def, +40 St
Stache Jeans
+70 Def, +40 St
ごわごわパンツGowagowa PantsuStarchy Pants
+25 Def
Starchy Jeans
+12 Def
ほしくずパンツHoshikuzu PantsuStardust Pants
+10 Pow, +85 Def
Stardust Pants
+10 Pow, +65 Def
ドキドキパンツDokidoki PantsuDokidoki Pants
+15 Pow
Thrilling Pants
+15 Pow
はりぼてパンツHaribote PantsuHaribote Pants
+15 HP, +15 Sp, +5 St
Tissue Pants
+15 HP, +15 Sp, +5 St
まるごしパンツMarugoshi PantsuUnarmed Pants
+5 Pow
Unarmed Jeans
+5 Pow
ワンチャンスバッジWan Chansu BajjiOne Chance Badge1-Chance Badge
グレートDEFバッジGurēto DEF BajjiGreat DEF BadgeBig-DEF Badge
グレートPOWバッジGurēto POW BajjiGreat POW BadgeBig-POW Badge
キャッシュバックバッジKyasshu Bakku BajjiCash-Back BadgeCash-Back Badge
コインボーナスバッジKoin Bōnasu BajjiCoin Bonus BadgeCoin Badge
コインボーナスバッジAKoin Bōnasu Bajji ACoin Bonus Badge ACoin Badge A
カウンターバッジKauntā BajjiCounter BadgeCounter Badge
キュアバッジKyua BajjiCure BadgeCure Badge
キュアバッジAKyua Bajji ACure Badge ACure Badge A
リミットガードバッジRimitto Gādo BajjiLimit Guard BadgeDEF-Peak Badge
ピンチフリーバッジPinchi Furī BajjiCrisis Free BadgeDire-Free Badge
ピンチパワーバッジPinchi Pawā BajjiCrisis Power BadgeDire-POW Badge
ドレインバッジDorain BajjiDrain BadgeDrain Badge
ドレインバッジADorain Bajji ADrain Badge ADrain Badge A
ダイナミックバッジDainamikku BajjiDynamic BadgeDynamic Badge
ダイナミックバッジADainamikku Bajji ADynamic Badge ADynamic Badge A
イージーバッジĪjī BajjiEasy BadgeEasy Badge
EXPボーナスバッジEXP Bōnasu BajjiEXP Bonus BadgeEXP Badge
EXPボーナスバッジAEXP Bōnasu Bajji AEXP Bonus Badge AEXP Badge A
ノーミスフリーバッジNō Misu Furī BajjiNo Miss Free BadgeHit-Free Badge
ノーミスPOWバッジNō Misu POW BajjiNo Miss POW BadgeHit-POW Badge
アイテムファンバッジAitemu Fan BajjiItem-Fan BadgeItem-Fan Badge
ラッキーバッジRakī BajjiLucky BadgeLucky Badge
ラッキーバッジARakī Bajji ALucky Badge ALucky Badge A
ゲンキバッジGenki BajjiPep BadgePep Badge
リミットパワーバッジRimitto Pawā BajjiLimit Power BadgePOW-Peak Badge
ポコポコバッジPokopoko BajjiPokopoko BadgePummel Badge
リスキーバッジRisukī BajjiRisky BadgeRisk Badge
ラフプレーバッジRafupurē BajjiRough Play BadgeRough Badge
セーフティバッジSēfuti BajjiSafety BadgeSafety Badge
サルベージバッジSarubēji BajjiSalvage BadgeSalvage Badge
サルベージバッジASarubēji Bajji ASalvage Badge ASalvage Badge A
キノコバッジKinoko BajjiMushroom BadgeShroom Badge
キノコバッジAKinoko Bajji AMushroom Badge AShroom Badge A
シンプルバッジShinpuru BajjiSimple BadgeSimple Badge
フミフミバッジFumifumi BajjiStomp BadgeStomp Badge
トレーニングバッジTorēningu BajjiTraining BadgeTraining Badge
トレジャーバッジTorejā BajjiTreasure BadgeTreasure Badge
ウルトラフリーバッジUrutora Furī BajjiUltra Free BadgeUlti-Free Badge
オサイフバッジOsaifu BajjiWallet BadgeWallet Badge

Audio changes

  • In the U.S. version, when the Shroob Missile impacts the Koopa Cruiser, the transmission screen on board shows Princess Shroob laughing before it goes to snow, but with no audible laughter. In the Japanese version, we hear her laughter.
  • The scene where E. Gadd's memory changes has different background music in each version. [MP3: Japanese version | U.S. version]
  • The Japanese game plays the "Piggyback" sound effect when the baby gets back on the adult after a successful piggyback jump attack in battle.
  • Ominous background music plays during the scene with elder Princess Shroob. The Japanese game starts the music when the elder Princess Shroob appears, but in the U.S. version, the music starts right before the battle begins (after Stuffwell's lines).
  • After the staff roll, the Japanese version plays a slow music box tune, but the U.S. version goes silent. The sound data for this music is not even present in the U.S. ROM, so it was probably added in the time between the U.S. release and Japanese release.
  • The "Got Key Item" theme plays when Baby Luigi picks up the Princess Shroob mushroom in the Japanese version, and after the Babies retrieve Baby Princess Peach.
Special thanks to NintendoExpert89 for contributing sound clips and most of the information.