System: GBA e-Reader
Genre: Collectible card game
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: February 17, 2003
ESRB rating: ?
Players: ?
Size: 64 cards
MParty-e screen shot


The Mario Party-e card series combines the fun of collectible card games (such as Pokémon) with the Mario Party series. There are a total of 64 cards for trading/battling with friends.

Several of the cards can be swiped through an e-Reader to load mini-games onto a Game Boy Advance, where players can win bonuses of some sort. Here are the mini-games we know about:

  • Cast Away, Mario!
    Reinventing the reel
    Reel in the fish that Peach asks for.
  • Mario's Mallet
    Smash the Goombas that emerge from the pipe before they reach Peach.
  • Wario's Bluff
    I brake for cliffs
    Wario speeds toward a cliff; the player who stops Wario closest to the edge wins this one.