Luigi in Super Mario 64

This page will show how ridiculous the claims of Luigi being in Super Mario 64 are. Shigeru Miyamoto and others at Nintendo have repeatedly stated that Luigi is not in the game, and wasn't programmed into the game because of time constraints.

Anyway... time for another take on the "Luigi in Super Mario 64" theory... I just think it's funny how people claim that Luigi is in the game, then show the following images as "proof", even though they are obviously fake. They may then show complicated instructions or steps that will lead you to Luigi, which, of course, are easily disproven.
Now, onto the images...

The Fake
The carpets... overlap?! Give me a break. Mario's carpet seems to end before it reaches Luigi's carpet. Take Mario, mirror the head, change the red to green, stretch the arms, neck, and legs, and presto, you get Luigi on the right. And he just happens to be standing in the exact same spot on the carpet that Mario is.
The Original Image

The Fake
OK, let's assume for a moment that the creator of this image didn't simply distort Mario, change his red to green, and plop "Luigi" to the right of him... then shouldn't the Lakitu camera icon in the lower right overlap "Luigi"?

The creator even signed it too! Lower-right corner, zoom in on the white dot on "Luigi": GMA69
The Original Image

The Fake
Besides the 121 stars, there's probably nothing that disproves this image... until we see the original image.
The Original Image

This page has only scratched the surface... there are maybe a half-dozen more "Luigi in SM64" pictures... ALL of which I could find the original screen shot for. Give it up, Luigi is not in Super Mario 64!

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