Region Title Release date Platform
Japan スーパーマリオランド2 6つの金貨
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
10/21/1992 Game Boy
USA Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins 11/1992 Game Boy

Title screen

The title screen was changed, for some reason.

Could you tell me how to get, how to get to Mario Land...?

And I always thought the designers were drunk...

The second level of the Pumpkin Zone is filled with many odd looking creatures, some of which are based on monsters from Japanese folklore. For the explanations below, please refer to the following picture:
Ooga booga.

1. The Japanese are fond of personifying objects like lanterns into obake (goblins), like the one you see here.
2. I'd give my right eye for a... never mind.These guys are known as Hitotsume Kozoo (one-eyed boys). They appear in many folk and children's stories as mischievous, but not particularly scary creatures that are often quite humorous.
3. Flap! Flap!Another personified object, the Kasa no Obake (umbrella goblin) is a scary creature that is said to float into your room at night through an open window. As you sleep, the obake will stare at you with its one eye and haunt you in your dreams.
4. These allergies really make my eyes burn.These fireball monsters usually appear by either being created by or appearing around spirits and goblins and are used to light their way.


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
マクロゾーンMakuro ZōnMacro ZoneMacro Zone
マリオゾーンMario ZōnMario ZoneMario Zone
ツリーゾーンTsurī ZōnTree ZoneTree Zone
タートルゾーンTātoru ZōnTurtle ZoneTurtle Zone
パンプキンゾーンPanpukin ZōnPumpkin ZonePumpkin Zone
スペースゾーンSupēsu ZōnSpace ZoneSpace Zone


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ヘラクラスHerakurasuHerakurasuBattle Beetle
ピョンタPyontaPyontaBopping Toady
ノコボンメットNoko Bon MettoNoko Bomb MettoNoko Bombette
ガイコツバチGaikotsu BatchiSkeleton BeeSkeleton Bee


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
グーGuHeavy Zed


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ファイアフラワーFaia FurawāFire FlowerFlower
Special thanks: Cameron Myers