Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Movie files

NESticle Double jumpMario uses a Mushroom to do a double jump.Deezer
NESticle Starman kills fanfareStarman messes up the level clear theme.Deezer
NESticle World 4-2 Wacky WarpMario goes to the warp zone via a pipe instead of the vine.Deezer
NESticle Koopa Troopa factoryMario turns Goombas and Spinys into Koopa Troopas.Deezer
NESticle Inside the enemyMario safely stays inside an enemy.Deezer
NESticle Mushroom magicMario grabs a Mushroom from nowhere.Deezer
NESticle World 4-3 glitch festVarious glitches in World 4-3, all related to breaking pulley lifts.Deezer
NESticle Tour de SMBPlaying through the entire game without warping, dying, or taking damage.WhooHooDoh
NESticle World 1-1: 46,600 pointsA high score in World 1-1.Juan Pablo Peloso
NESticle World 1-1: 53,500 pointsA higher score in World 1-1.S3
NESticle Triple featureWorld 4-1 in 60 seconds, and 8-1 in 100 seconds.WhooHooDoh

Save states

NESticle CollectionWorld 2-1, World 3-1, World 4-1, World 5-1, World 6-1, World 7-1, World 8-1, World 8-4, World 8-4 at Bowser, and World -1 (the "Minus World").Deezer