Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)

Movie files

NESticle Pick up nothingPicking up nothing...Deezer
NESticle Suicide doorUsing the suicide code while entering a door...Deezer
NESticle Floating PokeyPokey floats!Deezer
NESticle Power Meter glitchUse a Rocket to walk around with no power left.Deezer
NESticle Door of doomInstant death upon entering Sub-Space.Deezer
NESticle Speedy RocketFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle TrappedHit a baby Fryguy as you shrink and the door won't appear.sin
NESticle Chip off the old RocketWhat an "illusion item" does to Rockets.sin
NESticle Illusion itemA fun and useful glitch.Deezer
NESticle Enemy elevatorTwo Shy Guys go straight up and off the screen.Deezer
NESticle Shell elevatorFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle Mushroom elevatorFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle Log elevatorFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle Crystal Ball elevatorFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle Veggie elevatorFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle Disappearing, reappearing Bob-ombFun with POW blocks.Deezer
NESticle Disappearing Mushroom BlocksMario throws Mushroom Blocks inside other Mushroom Blocks.Deezer
NESticle Bob-ombs from Mushroom BlocksA wacky glitch.Sean Kelly
NESticle Sub-Space music in the overworldIf you're not sick of the music by now...Scott K.
NESticle Holes in chainsPut holes in chains/vines/ladders, and temporarily change the color of Mushroom Blocks.Oddjob384
NESticle Flashing while climbingYet another bug.Deezer
NESticle Floating Mushroom BlocksThe bugs continue.Oddjob384
NESticle Beezo stepsGetting over the pit in 1-2 without Pidgit's carpet.Scott K.
NESticle Warp to World 4How to find the warp in 1-3.Mallow
NESticle Warp to World 6How to find the warp in 4-2.Mallow
NESticle Warp to World 7How to find the warp in 5-3.Mallow
NESticle Surviving the "Beezo gauntlet"Mario avoids many Beezos in 4-2.Deezer

Save states

NESticle CollectionWorld 2-1, World 3-1, World 4-1, World 5-1, World 6-1, World 7-1, World 7-2, and World 7-2 at Wart.Deezer