To play these movies, you'll need to use the SNES emulator ZSNES. If your ROM's filename is smworld.smc, then rename the .zmv file to smworld.zmv. In ZSNES, choose Misc : Movie Open : Play.

Title Description Director
Killer corner A corner on the ceiling kills Mario. Juan Pablo Peloso
Anti-gravity room Yoshi, P-Switch, and fireballs slide around inside a wall. Juan Pablo Peloso
Freeze the game (99 1-Ups variation) Same as bug below, but Mario can collect an infinite amount of Coins.
Freeze the game Game freezes as Yoshi eats a Berry at the same time that Mario collects his item-in-reserve. Deezer
Double Yoshi In Chocolate Island 5, Mario gets two Yoshis for the price of one... Deezer
9,999,990 Mario racks up 9,999,990 points in one level. Deezer
Block factory Blocks appear out of thin air with clever usage of items. Deezer
Cheese Bridge Area to Soda Lake How to reach the secret exit in Cheese Bridge Area. Deezer
Displaced objects Yoshi renders a Berry motionless, and a Koopa harmless. Deezer
Magic fireballs Mario's fire warps to the top of the screen. Deezer
Glitchity graphics Ending spotlight focuses wrongly; game gets glitchy. Deezer
Invisible objects Yoshi's tounge discovers invisible objects in Yoshi's Island 3 and Top Secret Area. Deezer
Smashola Using Rotating Blocks and his cape, Mario gets pushed inside a wall. Deezer
Keyhole craziness Keyhole expands, but not from its exact location. Deezer
Magic mouth Objects transform inside Yoshi's mouth. Deezer
Color-changing pipes Mario changes parts of pipes from orange to green. Deezer
Buns of steel Defeated Grinder turns into a weird sprite. Deezer
Inside the walls Mario ends up in front of the falling wall in Valley of Bowser 2. Deezer
Magic Yoshi Yoshi weirdness in Donut Plains 1. Deezer
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