Over a decade after the original's release, Artoon is developing a sequel to the critically acclaimed SNES platformer. Yoshi's Island 2 retains most of the gameplay of the original SNES game. However, this time, instead of just Baby Mario, Yoshi carries Baby Peach and Baby Donkey Kong as well. An ominous floating island has appeared over Yoshi's Island and kids attending the island school disappear. It is up to Yoshi and the baby heroes to rescue the kids and investigate the floating island.

Babies are switched at "stork stops," where a stork will fly in to exchange the baby currently riding on Yoshi's back. Each baby possesses unique abilities, which must be used to pass certain areas. Mario allows Yoshi to run and stomp enemies as in the original, Peach can float while riding Yoshi using the umbrella she carries, and Donkey Kong allows Yoshi to perform a dash attack and can grab vines, allowing players to climb along the underside of platforms. Yoshi still retains the characteristic ability to target and shoot eggs.

Graphics, while retaining the original's "hand-drawn" style, are even more colorful and refined. The game uses both screens to display levels and focus can be brought to the either screen.

Each level has the familiar goal ring as well as 30 stars, 20 red coins, and five flowers that must be collected in order to achieve 100% completion. Yoshi's Island 2 looks to include platforming levels similar to the original, with outdoors levels, castles, and caves. Many old enemies will appear, as well as new ones.

Yoshi's Island 2 is currently scheduled for a winter release in the United States.

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