You Know You Play Mario Games Too Much When...

  1. You've developed a bad Italian accent.
  2. Your wardrobe is strictly red shirts and blue overalls.
  3. You have a dog named Bowser.
  4. You eat mushrooms, saying that they "make-a me Super Mario!"
  5. You quit your job and start a career in plumbing.
  6. Once in a while, you pull out vegetables from your garden and throw them at little animals.
  7. A picture of Wario is on your dartboard.
  8. You wore a Hammer Brother suit for Halloween.
  9. You think that pipes are the best mode of transportation.
  10. Your cure for warts: Vegetables.
  11. You actually find Luigi in Super Mario 64, and he tells you to get a life.
  12. When you start jumping on your pet turtle.
  13. Instead of saying "Press Start", your Mario games say "Somebody please shoot me!".
  14. You not only find Luigi in Super Mario 64, but also in Banjo-Kazooie!
  15. You change from metallic mode to invisible mode to...
  16. You make a plan to rule the world with genetically-altered turtles.
  17. You compare and contrast the possiblities Bowser might be the 5th Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
  18. You find out there is no Luigi in Super Mario 64, but a hidden code to play a game called "Get A Friggin' Life" starring Wario, The Red Yoshi, the Blue Yoshi, Bowser's kids and all the other Mario characters you'd like to forget.
  19. Your orders from that pizza place called "Mario's" are all extra mushroom.
  20. The fat guy on the bus wearing a red shirt and blue overalls is what you think an insult to Mario.
  21. You die and go to Coin Heaven.
  22. You see a shooting star and go running after it screaming, "That-a Starman is gonna make-a me invincible!" -kellymon
  23. You start feeling sorry for Luigi and wish he got a little more spotlight. -JMB82685
  24. You you remember Geno's ACTUAL name. -VinTernet2000
  25. You ask the plumber why he doesn't just go down himself to see what the problem is. -VinTernet2000
  26. You call your travel agent and tell him to arrange a trip to Yoshi's Island. -ssjfighter_2000
  27. When you watch TV or go to town, your eyes perk up when you see a sign that says "Mario's" or "Luigi's." -Andrea Huckstep
  28. You sing songs or song parodies that are Mario related. -Andrea Huckstep
  29. When you point your finger, a fireball comes out. -Vidgmchtr
  30. Yoshies egg your house on Halloween. -ay491c
  31. You actually purchased the Mario movie. -nathan
  32. You feel your life is ruined because you incorrectly answer a Mario trivia question. -Orobueno
  33. You go to the bank to exchange 100 singles for an extra life. -~Mat~
  34. You check your watch whenever you go home, just to make sure you enter exactly at one, three, or six past the hour. -~Mat~
  35. You spread rumors across the internet about the resurgence of Mario's "Edutainment" series. -~Mat~
  36. All games without golden coins seem "unfulfilling". -~Mat~
  37. Your electric bill is $8,000,000. -Submerger326
  38. Princess Peach is your dream girl. (What? Stop staring at me like that!) -Dark PikaMew
  39. You actually take the time to read something titled "You Know You Play Mario Games Too Much When..." on the internet. -Nick
  40. You saw the movie Scream, but couldn't figure out why the Shy Guy wanted to kill everyone. -Screech
  41. You call your brother Luigi, and your girlfriend Peach. - Many submissions
  42. You have a pet lizard/iguana/dinosaur named Yoshi. - Many submissions
  43. You try to ride your pet lizard/iguana/dinosaur. - Many submissions
  44. Your attempt to use an ordinary item like a Mario item ends in disaster. - Many submissions

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