TMK turns 10
A decade on the Web

Ten years ago, if you told me I'd be running a Mario site for ten years, I would have said "LOL." While I have outgrown (most) AOL chatspeak, I haven't outgrown Mario. Perhaps the fact that the site is still running is a testament to the lastability of the Mario series. Anyway, thanks for sticking around with us all these years. If you're just finding the site now, stick around for more Mario fun.

State of the Kingdom

The past year was another busy one. We moved off of GameSpy's servers, started the blog, covered the SMB2 prototype, and logged our five millionth hit. The mailbags slowed down a bit, but you can help motivate us by sending in letters!

The future

The Mariopedia relaunch is almost upon us. I plan to have it ready in the Summer, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Another update is nearly ready for the remakes and ports section, which I think (and hope) you'll find interesting.

Thanks to the staff, moderators, and our visitors for making it another fun year. The countdown to the 20th anniversary starts... now!