Blog: 2021
December 5, 2022
WTMK has begun its annual Christmas-like music broadcast!  Tune in for all sorts of Christmas-esque winter Mario music!  Who knows what the next year will bring...

Link: WTMK: All Mario Radio
July 19, 2021
In July of 1981, the very first Mario game appeared!  Donkey Kong was released in arcades in the USA and Japan during July, and Mario has been barreling out ever since!  What's your favorite Mario title?

If you'd like to reminisce, might we suggest tuning in to WTMK ("All Mario, All the Time"), which is running a special 40th anniversary musical Mario-thon.  Tune in now!

Link: WTMK: All Mario Radio
March 2, 2021
To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Mobile) are both currently holding Super Mario crossover events.

In New Horizons, 33 items from the Mario series are now in Nook's catalog. The good news is, you can order them from Nook Shopping right away. The bad news is, you have to order them from Nook Shopping, which limits you to five orders per day. If you want one of each item, it will cost 75,650 Bells total. Download the Version 1.8.0 update and get "Mushroom mural" in your mailbox for free (it costs 3,000 Bells in the shop).

Pocket Camp's Super Mario 35th Anniversary event runs from March 2 to March 24 at 12:59 a.m. (CT). Log in and you'll get the brand-new "Mario's hat cushion" for free! Also, Mario-related items from previous Super Mario crossover events are reissued for crafting, and a "Mario Jump!" pose is available in Fave Photos.