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Sorry, I didn't mean to sound belittling; there's just so much about furries in general that I really can't stand.
I don't know, I guess I've got a love-hate relationship with the fandom.
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im not really the obssessive kind, or the extreme "animal preservation" kind (i have leather couches,   leather jackets, and a lucky fox's tail).
Nobody kill me when i ask this, but has anyone here read the warriors series?
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I'm not the obssessive kind or the "animal preservation" kind (I have a fox's tail in my room and my favorite food is steak).
Has anyone here read the warriors series? That and SF were what got me started.
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I'm guessing most people use the default forum scheme and have never seen my avatar, but for those who have, I'm not furry, despite what it might imply. I don't think most people here would jump to that conclusion, though. It actually never occurred to me that my avatar would make people think I'm furry until someone else assumed it on another forum (we've cleared it up). I'm thinking about just getting rid of it on some of the other forums I go to, actually...aside from that one forum, where everyone already knows the story behind it, a generic Sonic fan character isn't exactly something I'd wear like a badge of honor.

If you want to know that "story behind it", basically, my brother and I were coming up with names for ourselves to use on our website, and we wanted characters to go with the names, so we eventually decided that I'd use a fox somewhat based on Tails since he used to be my favorite Sonic character. I didn't know much better back then. :P

I've only kept using the avatar out of habit, really.
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sorry, didnt mean to write that twice...
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I like Tails. Not in that way, of course. He's like a cute little brother. Also he's 8. Anyway.

I don't really consider myself a furry, but I'm not not a furry. That is, I'm certainly not the complete opposite of a furry, and I don't feel any incredibly urgent need to distance myself from such a label (so long as I get to clarify it a bit, and everyone doesn't just assume it means I dress up in fursuits and go to conventions to have orgies with other people in fursuits). I do quite like Rescuers Down Under, Great Mouse Detective, Secret of NIMH, et al, and the anthropomorphic animals in them are probably part of the appeal for me, in a non-sexual way; and I also admit that I'm capable of being attracted to some characters like that (though most of the furry art I've seen that's specifically meant to invoke attraction does pretty much the opposite), in a way somewhat similar to how I'm capable of being attracted to some guys, though female humans tend to beat them both by a longshot.

I've never met a furry I didn't like. Fifth and penguinwizard are pretty cool guys; there's this one guy on a forum I used to lurk on whom I disagreed with 90% of the time but was always very respectful and civil and argued his points well, and I later found out that it wasn't a coincidence that his avatar was an anthropomorphic wolf; Mary Jo Pehl, who played Pearl on MST3K, is apparently a furry, as she was spotted at a convention a few years back (which makes me wonder if those penguin costumes from the penguin costume sketch at the beginning of episode 912 were already lying around her house...). As far as I can tell, they're about as well-adjusted and normal on average as the general populace (admittedly, not really saying a whole lot). Also, I probably sympathize with them a bit for basically being the collective punching bags of the internet.

Of course, in the interest of disclosure, I have said in the past that if Yoshis were real and were as sentient as they're portrayed in the RPGs, I might date one, so maybe I am a furry.
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Foxmccloudfan: See Weekly Releases, reply #884 through to #920 for more information on TMK's stance regarding furries.
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Because I haven't yet gotten it through my skull that some forums will practically lynch you for mentioning it, and because it doesn't seem any weirder than any other subculture. I'm a bit curious as to why people are still so intolerant of it (maybe they generalize and think furry consists only of the extreme versions of the culture). But unfortunately I can't give the usual reasons for defending it either because those too get attacked and sound kind of hollow. Something Awful  likes to point out one of the most ridiculous examples being a picture by TaurinFox I believe of a fox shedding a tear, USA flag in the background (or something patriotic), and a message basically saying that one day furry culture will be accepted. If I had to give a term to it, it'd be "taking the culture too seriously".

So it probably helps that I laugh at the typical furry jokes, at furries consistently being called worse than other groups, etc. just so I don't find myself getting too ingrained into it. I'd still like to know why all the hate, as I thought the matter and all the usual arguments had been dealt with long ago. Or I could, you know, just try not to mention I'm a furry and to stop before a furry flame war breaks out.

And sometimes I like taking a glance over at forums that flip out over inappropriate furry pictures because they get the best "what the f***! I can't unsee it!" reactions from other people. Even the sick, depraved stuff can be very well drawn and/or surprisingly creative. Even though to find enjoyment in it you must first be the one going "what the hell" and getting nightmares. It's one of those things you get desensitized to.

I'm used to the hate; Im jewish.
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Glorb, he didn't consider himself a furry until we told him what a furry was. His name has nothing to do with it.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be a fan of Star Fox and not be a furry.
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Not if youre me.
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