E for All Photo Spread: Day 2
TMK at E4A 2007
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Day Two Begins... and my lens is smeared.  Don't worry, it clears up soon.

This is Paul Gale. I kept running into him.  You'll notice that.

Waiting for the convention room to open.  I met all these folks waiting...

These folks are standing in a big line while I'm in a tiny line upstairs.  I think they were chanting for some reason.

Deezer told me to get more game images.

Don't make him go Zelda on you.

More stickers.

This is MegaByte playing against someone.  Why is this newsworthy?  Let's zoom in on the opponent's lanyard...

Those Nintendo girls just love the fungus.

Perrin Kaplan trusts the fungus!

Some of the Brawl decorations hanging around the room.

More Nintendo booth decorations.

She manages to pull off a DK tie with sunglasses.

Chris Kohler, star of Wired's Game|Life, takes the time to appear in a picture here on TMK.

Rock out with a Guitar Hero guitar while you TRUST THE FUNGUS.

That t-shirt he's wearing was given out by Nintendo in their special Brawl arena area.

The ladies seem to enjoy Yoshi shirts.

Some company trying to sell giant, truck-sized video displays had this "Graffiti Me" whiteboard set up near their display.  Sadly, no one drew on it... until I took some initiative.  Later that day, it was covered with stuff... and most of my stuff was gone. Sigh.

Two thumbs up!

Don't they look happy?

Konami folks trust the fungus, too.

There was a story here, but it escapes me at the moment.

Never stop trusting that fungus, guys.

They are quite happy with their mushroom stickers.

This booth had Mario Kart RC cars and slot cars. They were zipping around the floor at times.

Even guys with t-shirts based on games that predate the fungus still trust in it!

Another Nintendo gal proudly sporting her new sticker.

Four swords!

I believe this guy got a sticker when he asked what they were.

These stickers were fairly popular, as you might have noticed by now.


I want a Triforce emblem sweatshirt.

Hey, it's Luigi!

Yeah, I know, it's Trevor Belmont, but still...

So I went to offer the gal with the Zelda handbag a TMK sticker, and everyone else demanded one too.

EA producers ALSO Trust the Fungus.


David Hayter, voice of Solid Snake, trusts the mushroom.  MB and I are backstage at Video Games Live.

This is Video Games Live... they had a Cosplay parade thing before the show.  That appears to be Fox McCloud holding Kirby.
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