E for All Photo Spread: Day 3
TMK at E4A 2007
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Just getting ready to start another exciting day of fungi folk collecting.  Please excuse the strangeness of the first picture and the difficulty of seeing the second.

Yep, well all just love to trust the fungus!

Ever wonder how you control Super Smash  Bros. Brawl using just a Wii Remote?

Tommy Tallarico and his close, personal friend Becky Young trust the fungus!

I'm telling you, ladies love Yoshi.

That's a Mario t-shirt I haven't seen before.

There's a funny story behind this... when I saw this guy's shirt from an angle, I thought it was a Zelda t-shirt.  After asking him if he trusted the fungus, I realized my mistake.  Luckily, he DID trust the fungus.

A young Zelda trusts the fungus.

A group of fungus loving folks... and that guy on the far right is starting to look familiar.

I thought this was a neat t-shirt.

This guy told me he made this Mario hat out of a Mario pillow he bought somewhere... so, if you find any large Mario hat pillows, it IS possible to hack them into functional Mario hats.  This guy revealed that he practiced on his Luigi hat first...

So yes, I need to write something here...

I really must say that these two don't object to the fungus.

Anyone want to translate these for me?

It's lunchtime in the media room, and these ladies all love that fungus!

These nice folks enjoyed sticking TMK stickers on each other's foreheads.  I have their website URL around here somewhere, but now I can't find it... hopefully they'll visit and let me know!

I really liked this guy's shirt. Reminds me of my wallpaper.

MB is going home.  Let's wave goodbye!

The fungus, let us trust it.

This nice lady is from GameQuest Direct. They have a new site set up and consumer buying goodies and all sorts of stuff, but I didn't sign up for it.  That made her sad.

These guys are wearing the special Super Mario Galaxy t-shirt that was given out at a SMG/SSBB stage demo I missed.  Sigh.

The Fungus is among us.

These folks came all the way from Alabama -- presumably not just for this show, but I wasn't sure.

This would be an unnamed person who may or may not be a NOA employee and is not being named.

Look -- this Link(ette) trusts the fungus!

Remember, when the camera flashes TWICE...

Link plays Link's Crossbow Training. (The game's pretty good, actually.)

This guy got a TMK sticker from me back at the Wii Launch Event at Universal Citywalk -- it's on his wallet.  He asked for a new one.

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