Region Title Release date Platform
Japan マリオ&ルイージRPG
Mario & Luigi RPG
11/21/2003 Game Boy Advance
USA Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 11/17/2003 Game Boy Advance

The Japanese version was released on 11/21/2003, just four days after the U.S. version. Since the game was developed in Japan, we will show the Japanese screens first.

Title screen

Even if you can't read Japanese, it's pretty obvious that the Japanese title is "Mario & Luigi RPG." Nintendo of America's penchant for subtitles shines bright in the English title.

Mario & Luigi RPGMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Part of the neat little silhouette design on the Japanese title screen appears on a poster in Yoshi Theater. The poster is the same in all versions of the game.

Still no SMB movie sequel...

Toad's quest

After Toad runs into the brothers' house to find Mario, a Directional Pad pops up in the bottom left in the Japanese version when Toad is done talking. Perhaps they were trying to avoid the "Oh, I'm supposed to play now?" moments.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Beyond Points

In the Japanese version, Mario and Luigi start out with 4 and 6 more BP, respectively.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Luigi's voice

The brothers have a short sound clip when switching between the two in the equipment and stats screens. Luigi's "Ya-hoh!" in the U.S. version is a grunt-like "rrnnnng" sound in the Japanese game.

Say... what?

When the brothers get their passport photos taken on the Koopa Cruiser, the photographer tells them to "Say CHEEP CHEEP!" In the Japanese version, the line is "Say cheese!"

Say cheese!Say CHEEP CHEEP!

Lakitu's tips

Upon leveling up in the Japanese game, players are treated to helpful tips from Lakitu. First, Lakitu shows us that pressing Up or Down selects a stat to upgrade.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Then, just in case you change your mind, he tells us that the B button cancels the selection.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Unidentified Flying Brothers

The section of Stardust Fields where the Mario Bros. meet the Starshade Bros. is called "Area 64" in the U.S. version and "Area 51" in the Japanese version. "Area 51," also known as Groom Lake, is a military facility located in Nevada. The "64" is an obvious reference to the Nintendo 64.

Area 51Area 64

Heart block

In the Japanese version, a block that fully restores the brothers' HP and BP exists in a few different areas. One is in the first room of the Beanbean Castle Sewers, another is in Oho Oasis, and yet another is found during the final visit to Teehee Valley. When hit, it turns into a heart before disappearing, and then re-appears after displaying a message. This block is free to use and never goes away.

Japanese versionU.S. version

This message appears after you hit the block. Translation: "HP fully restored! BP fully restored!"

Japanese version

Change of scenery

According to your Beanbean map, the Hammerhead Bros.'s hammer tutorial takes place in Hoohoo Mountain, but the U.S. version uses a Beanbean castle grounds background. You can also see the different button icon styles used in the dialog boxes.

GPS upgrade

The sign located directly north of Beanbean Castle Town is different in each version. The Japanese sign does not point you to Beanbean Castle Town, and it only has one arrow for Hoohoo Mountain. Also obvious here is the arrow size difference.

Chuckle later

Bubbles's plays on words from the Japanese game wouldn't make much sense in English, so the U.S. version has a different set of jokes for him. They did manage to put pig, drawer, and horse jokes in both versions, however.

The first three jokes listed for each version are told before the battle with Chuckolator.

Japanese version
  • "Futon ga futtonda" (Translation: "The bed got sucked up and flew away")
  • "Nomisugi wa kanzō ni ikanzō" (Translation: "Drinking too much is no good for your liver")
  • "Kono matsutake ma!ttake–" (Translation: "These matsutake mushrooms... Whoa, they're expensive!")
  • "Tansu ni attansu" (Translation: "It was in the drawer")
  • "Tokoya ni iku toko ya" (Translation: "I'm about to go to the barber")
  • "Uma ga umatta" (Translation: "The horse was buried")
  • "Neko ga nekonda" (Translation: "The cat fell fast asleep")
  • "Buta o butanaide" (Translation: "Don't hit the pig")
U.S. version
  • "What do idiots drink? So-duhhhh!"
  • "What do sodas call their dads? Pop!"
  • "A hippie's favorite soda? Granola cola!"
  • "Who hears hoarse horses?"
  • "Funny pigs are real hams!"
  • "Do bats like baseball?"
  • "What do sheep count to sleep?"
  • "Do drawers wear drawers?"

Starbeans Cafe

On the bean blending menu at Starbeans Cafe, the Japanese version puts red E. Gadd icons next to the drinks you've already made. There's no indication of previously-made drinks in the U.S. version.


Trunkle can magically heal his head-tree in the Japanese version! If his head has over 1 HP of damage, he will restore anywhere from 40 to 47 HP right after you attack it.

Japanese version

Trunkle's vacuum attack brings Gritty Goombas, mushrooms, and poisonous mushrooms in from the left side of the screen. The white mushrooms restore 8 HP to Mario or Luigi in the Japanese version and 5 HP in the U.S. version.

Japanese versionU.S. version

When his vacuum attack is over, Trunkle heals his body. In the U.S. version, he restores 10 HP after each vacuum attack. He heals a bit more in the Japanese version, because the amount he restores is based on what he swallowed; he restores 4 HP per Gritty Goomba, 8 HP per mushroom, and 2 HP per poisonous shroom.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Star 'Stache Smash

Mario and Luigi's heads look more 3-D in the U.S. version of Star 'Stache Smash.

Japanese versionU.S. version

Ocean Wear

"Ocean Wear" is dropped by Boomerang Bros. in the Japanese game only. The only way to get this armor in the U.S. version is by using cheat devices. Its English name is "Oho Gear," as seen in Nintendo Power's Superstar Saga player's guide, along with other unused armor.

Ocean Wear

Item drops

Some armor and badges are dropped by different enemies in each version.

Item Japanese version U.S. version
Bowser FistLemmy (rare drop)Morton (rare drop)
Lucky Bros.TrunkleTrunkle (rare drop)
Lucky RibbonBirdo (rare drop)Hermie III (rare drop)
Piranha SuitLudwigPiranha Bean (rare drop)
School SlacksHermie IIIEeker

The following table shows the enemies affected by the changes listed above.

Japanese version U.S. version
Enemy Drop Rare drop Drop Rare drop
BirdoMax SyrupLucky RibbonUltra SyrupRed Pepper
EekerSyrupSmart PantsSchool SlacksSmart Pants
Hermie IIISchool SlacksRed PepperMax NutLucky Ribbon
LemmyGreen PepperBowser FistMax SyrupGreen Pepper
LudwigPiranha SuitRed Pepper1-Up SuperRed Pepper
MortonN/AMax SyrupMax NutBowser Fist
Piranha BeanPiranha SwingSuper NutPiranha SwingPiranha Suit
TrunkleLucky Bros., Super NutN/A1-Up MushroomLucky Bros.


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
マメーリア城Mamēria JōMameria CastleBeanbean Castle
マメーリア王国Mamēria ŌkokuMameria KingdomBeanbean Kingdom
クッパ城Kuppa JōKoopa CastleBowser's Castle
ゲラゴーニュの森Geragōnyu no MoriGeragonyu WoodsChucklehuck Woods
バクショーいせきBakushō IsekiBakusho RuinsGuffawha Ruins
ヘラヘラグーンHeraheragūnHerahera-goonGwarhar Lagoon
ウフマウンテンUfu MauntenUfu MountainHoohoo Mountain
ジョークエンドJōku EndoJoke EndJoke's End
リトルキノコRitoru KinokoLittle MushroomLittle Fungitown
クスアイランドKusu AirandoKusu IslandOho Oasis
ヴィンテージ号Vintēji GōThe VintageS.S. Chuckola
星くずヶ原HoshikuzugaharaStardust FieldsStardust Fields
デヘヘバレーDehehe BarēDehehe ValleyTeehee Valley
マイマイコロシアムMaimai KoroshiamuSnail ColosseumWinkle Colosseum
アハハ・アハデミーAhaha AhademīAhaha Aha-demyWoohoo Hooniversity
ヨッシー・シアターYosshī ShiatāYoshi TheaterYoshi Theater


  • Mame means "bean."


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
シャルゲラの木Sharugera no KiSharugera TreeChuckleroot
マメばあMamebāMamebaLady Lima
マメック王子Mamekku ŌjiPrince MamekkuPrince Peasley
ピーチ姫Pīchi HimePrincess PeachPrincess Peach
オヤ・マー博士Oya Mā HakaseProfessor Oya MaProfessor E. Gadd
マメラ女王Mamera JoōQueen MameraQueen Bean



The only enemies who have the same stats in both versions are Bill Blaster, Boomerang Bro, Dry Bones (Hoohoo Mountain), Fighter Fly, Goomba, Oho Jee, and Rex. Please refer to our Superstar Saga guide for a complete comparison.


Bosses are listed in order of appearance.

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ほうだいHōdaiHodaiBill Blaster
ブルー・ウィルスBurū WirusuBlue VirusBlue Virus
ブーメランブロスBūmeran BurosuBoomerang Bros.Boomerang Bro
プクプクPukupukuPukupukuCheep Cheep
ふぐプクFugupukuPuffer PukuPuffer-Cheep
ワンマーブロスWanmā BurosuWanmer Bros.Chomp Bro
ウーララŪraraUraraChuck Guy (Chucklehuck Woods)
オーララŌraraOraraChuck Guy (Teehee Valley)
カロンKaronKaronDry Bones (Hoohoo Mountain)
ガロンGaronGaronDry Bones (Teehee Valley)
フラ・ダンサーFura DansāFura DancerEeker
マメノコノコMame NokonokoMame NokonokoElite Troopea
ハエまるHae MaruRound FlyFighter Fly
ゴールドマメボーGōrudo MamebōGold MameboGold Beanie
クリダイバーKuri DaibāKuri DiverGoomdiver
すなぞくSunazokuSand TribeGritty Goomba (Teehee Valley)
すなぞくSunazokuSand TribeGritty Goomba (Gwarhar Lagoon)
ロングムーチョRongu MūchoLong MuchoGunner Guy
ハンマーブロスHanmā BurosuHammer Bros.Hammer Bro
スノームーチョSunō MūchoSnow MuchoIce Snifit
レーザームーチョRēzā MūchoLaser MuchoLaser Snifit
リンボーブロスRinbō BurosuLimbo Bros.Limbo Bro (Guffawha Ruins)
リンボーブロスRinbō BurosuLimbo Bros.Limbo Bro (Teehee Valley)
タコノマクラTako no MakuraPillow OctopusMalibut
メカゲッソーMeka GessōMecha GessoMecha-Blooper
メカワンワンMeka WanwanMecha WanwanMecha-Chomp
クス・ジーKusu JīKusu JeeOho Jee
スナド・KSunado KSunado KOucher Glass
クリマロKurimaroKurimaroPestnut (Chucklehuck Woods)
ウニマロUnimaroUnimaroPestnut (Oho Ocean)
パックンフラワーPakkun FurawāPakkun FlowerPiranha Plant
レッド・ウィルスReddo WirusuRed VirusRed Virus
スナイパーキラーSunaipā KirāSniper KillerSniper Bill
サンボムーチョSanbomūchoSanbomuchoSpiky Snifit
ハエへいHaeheiHaeheiSuper Fly
イエロー・ウィルスIerō WirusuYellow VirusYellow Virus
ヨーヨーブロスYō Yō BurosuYo Yo Bros.Yo Bro
オホいわOho IwaOho StoneHoho Stone
マメラ女王Mamera JoōQueen MameraQueen Bean
右うでMigi UdeRight ArmRight Arm
左うでHidari UdeLeft ArmLeft Arm
新人クッパShinjin KoopaRookie KoopaRookie
ゲラネ・コンティGerane KontiGerane KontiChuckolator
マザーパックンMazā PakkunMother PakkunMom Piranha
ヤドルフ3世Yadorufu 3 SeiYadorufu IIIHermie III
右のハサミMigi no HasamiRight ClawRight Claw
左のハサミHidari no HasamiLeft ClawLeft Claw
マメパックンMame PakkunBean PakkunPiranha Bean
右うでMigi UdeRight ArmRight Arm
左うでHidari UdeLeft ArmLeft Arm


  • Oucher Glass: "Sunado K" is a play on sunadokei (hourglass).


Item effects

Most of the items that recover a set amount of HP or BP were changed.

Item Japanese version U.S. version
MushroomRestores 25 HPRestores 25 HP
Super MushroomRestores 45 HPRestores 50 HP
Ultra MushroomRestores 75 HPRestores 120 HP
NutRestores 25 HP eachRestores 20 HP each
Super NutRestores 45 HP eachRestores 40 HP each
Ultra NutRestores 75 HP eachRestores 100 HP each
SyrupRestores 20 HPRestores 20 HP
Super SyrupRestores 35 BPRestores 40 BP
Ultra SyrupRestores 55 BPRestores 100 BP

Consumable items

The following table separates the items into two groups: Those you can buy from shops, and those you cannot. Also included are Coin values for buying or selling.

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Cost Name Cost
スーパーキノコSūpā KinokoSuper Mushroom50Super Mushroom60
ウルトラキノコUrutora KinokoUltra Mushroom110Ultra Mushroom100
MAXキノコMAX KinokoMax Mushroom280Max Mushroom180
スーパーナッツSūpā NattsuSuper Nut120Super Nut90
ウルトラナッツUrutora NattsuUltra Nut260Ultra Nut140
MAXナッツMAX NattsuMax Nut340Max Nut220
スーパーシロップSūpā ShiroppuSuper Syrup50Super Syrup50
ウルトラシロップUrutora ShiroppuUltra Syrup80Ultra Syrup80
MAXシロップMAX ShiroppuMax Syrup280Max Syrup150
1UPキノコ1UP Kinoko1-Up Mushroom701-Up Mushroom80
1UPキノコDX1UP Kinoko DX1-Up Mushroom DX4201-Up Super240
リフレッシュハーブRifuresshu HābuRefresh Herb30Refreshing Herb30
Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Sell Name Sell
ゴールデンキノコGōruden KinokoGolden Mushroom105Golden Mushroom60
レッドペッパーReddo PeppāRed Pepper30Red Pepper50
グリーンペッパーGurīn PeppāGreen Pepper30Green Pepper50
アハストレートAha SutorētoAha Straight100Woohoo Blend100
ウフストレートUfu SutorētoUfu Straight100Hoohoo Blend100
ゲラストレートGera SutorētoGera Straight100Chuckle Blend100
デヘストレートDehe SutorētoDehe Straight100Teehee Blend100


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
アハ豆Aha MameAha BeanWoo Bean
ウフ豆Ufu MameUfu BeanHoo Bean
ゲラ豆Gera MameGera BeanChuckle Bean
デヘ豆Dehe MameDehe BeanHee Bean

Key Items

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
マメーリアマップMamēria MappuMameria MapBeanbean Map
マメック王子のバラMamekku Ōji no BaraPrince Mamekku's RosePeasley's Rose
マメーリアブローチMamēria BurōchiMameria BroochBeanbean Brooch
グリーングラスGurīn GurasuGreen GlassGreen Goblet
レッドグラスReddo GurasuRed GlassRed Goblet
ロゼゲラッパの実Roze Gerappa no JitsuRose Gerappa FruitPurple Chuckola Fruit
赤ゲラッパの実Aka Gerappa no JitsuRed Gerappa FruitRed Chuckola Fruit
白ゲラッパの実Shiro Gerappa no JitsuWhite Gerappa FruitWhite Chuckola Fruit
クラピコ草Kurapiko KusaKurapiko GrassCrabbie Grass
メンバーズカードMenbāzu KādoMember's CardMembership Card
グリーンパール豆Gurīn Pāru MameGreen Pearl BeanGreen Pearl Bean
レッドパール豆Reddo Pāru MameRed Pearl BeanRed Pearl Bean
スタービーンズのかけらSutā Bīnzu no KakeraStar Beans PieceBeanstar Piece
スタービーンズSutā BīnzuStar BeansBeanstar
フルーツ豆Furūtsu MameBean FruitBean Fruit
水色ネオンタマゴMizuiro Neon TamagoLight Blue Neon EggAzure Neon Egg
青ネオンタマゴAo Neon TamagoBlue Neon EggBlue Neon Egg
緑ネオンタマゴMidori Neon TamagoGreen Neon EggGreen Neon Egg
オレンジネオンタマゴOrenji Neon TamagoOrange Neon EggOrange Neon Egg
むらさきネオンタマゴMurasaki Neon TamagoPurple Neon EggPurple Neon Egg
赤ネオンタマゴAka Neon TamagoRed Neon EggRed Neon Egg
黄ネオンタマゴKi Neon TamagoYellow Neon EggYellow Neon Egg
マイマイのほまれMaimai no HomareSnail HonorWinkle Card
にせスタービーンズNise Sutā BīnzuFake Star BeansFake Beanstar
ピーチおきがえセットPīchi Okigae SettoPeach's Extra DressPeach's Extra Dress
ひでんのまきもの1Hiden no Makimono 1Secret Scroll 1Secret Scroll 1
ひでんのまきもの2Hiden no Makimono 2Secret Scroll 2Secret Scroll 2



The following table separates the armor into two groups: Those you can buy from shops, and those you cannot. Also included are Coin values for buying or selling.

The "For" column shows who can wear the armor. "M" = Mario, "L" = Luigi, "ML" = both. There are four "wearability" changes.

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation For HP Def Cost Name For HP Def Cost
1バンズボン1 Ban Zubon#1 TrousersM0451280#1 TrousersML035250
5マメ1ジーンズ5 Mame 1 Jīnzu5 Bean 1 JeansM0651050B. Brand JeansL055600
マメーリパンツMamēri PantsMameri PantsM012100Bean PantsM012100
ウフズボンUfu ZubonUfu TrousersML410130Bean TrousersML410130
スタビズボンSutabi ZubonSutabi TrousersL0551750Beanstar PantsML060500
ブルージーンズBurū JīnzuBlue JeansL516220Blue JeansL516220
カジュアルズボンKajuaru ZubonCasual TrousersML3070900Casual SlacksML2070550
ハードパンツHādo PantsuHard PantsM018125Hard PantsM018130
ハートジーンズHāto JīnzuHeart JeansL910110Heart JeansL910120
タンクスラックスTanku SurakkusuTank SlacksM800580Heart SlacksM060520
セーフティパンツSēfuti PantsuSafety PantsM045340Hermetic PantsM045300
キノコラックパンツKinoko Rakku PantsuMushroom Luck PantsM060700Mushluck PantsM065258
キノコポットズボンKinoko Potto ZubonMushroom Pot TrousersML300600Mushwin PantsML060264
パラソルパンツParasoru PantsuParasol PantsM010180Parasol PantsM70180
ピーチックジーンズPīchikku JīnzuPichikku JeansL0651000Peachy JeansL065280
マメックスラックスMamekku SurakkusuMamekku SlacksML072400Peasley SlacksML070450
チェックズボンChekku ZubonCheck TrousersML040270Plaid TrousersML040300
マメラズボンMamera ZubonMamera TrousersML1560630Queen B. JeansML1475550
あんぜんズボンAnzen ZubonSafety TrousersML035230Safety SlacksML035220
スキャンダルジーンズSukyandaru JīnzuScandal JeansL0552200Scandal JeansL070280
カメズボンKame ZubonTurtle TrousersML035200Shroom BellsML050380
キノコパンツKinoko PantsuMushroom PantsM150450Shroom PantsM030200
キノコスラックスKinoko SurakkusuMushroom SlacksML035350Shroom SlacksML035250
ストリートジーンズSutorīto JīnzuStreet JeansL050390Street JeansL060400
トロピカルズボンToropikaru ZubonTropical TrousersML1555500Tropic SlacksML1230280
Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation For HP Def Sell Name For HP Def Sell
コダイズボンKodai ZubonAncient TrousersML40060Ancient PantsML04025
アヌビンジーンズAnubin JīnzuAnubin JeansL01030Anuboo JeansL04025
バッカーラズボンBakkāra ZubonBakkara TrousersML64540Bubbles's GearML64530
サンゴカジュアルSango KajuaruCasual CoralML08035Casual CoralML08025
キャハールパンツKyahāru PantsuKyaharu PantsM1000100Harhall's PantsM60025
アイアンパンツAian PantsuIron PantsM08060Iron PantsM07025
オーシャンウェアŌshan WeaOcean WearML05560Oho Gear*ML02825
クス・ジーウェアKusu Jī WeaKusu Jee WearML6182Oho Jee WearML6162
パックンスーツPakkun SūtsuPakkun SuitL060100Piranha SuitML03025
ランダムスラックスRandamu SurakkusuRandom SlacksML09050Random SlacksML06025
フォロワージーンズForowā JīnzuFollower JeansL04570School SlacksL01825
アハデミックパンツAhademikku PantsuAha-demic PantsM05050Smart PantsM05025
ウールズボンŪru ZubonWool TrousersML02050Wool TrousersML03225
ワークジーンズWāku JīnzuWork JeansL0510Work JeansL0510
ワークパンツWāku PantsuWork PantsM0410Work PantsM0410

*You can only get Oho Gear in the U.S. version by using cheat devices. Its stats are included for comparison purposes only.


The following table separates the badges into two groups: Those you can buy from shops, and those you cannot. Also included are Coin values for buying or selling.

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation BP Pow Cost Name BP Pow Cost
マメーリバッジMamēri BajjiMameri Badge610100Bean B. Badge61078
ビューティフルバッジByūtifuru BajjiBeautiful Badge030250Beauty Badge028200
ブリリアントバッジBuririanto BajjiBrilliant Badge045330Brilliant Badge045350
ブラザーバッジBurazā BajjiBrothers Badge825250Bros. Badge825150
キャッスルバッジKyassuru BajjiCastle Badge01075Castle Badge01075
チャリティバッジChariti BajjiCharity Badge016140Charity Badge015140
カウンターバッジKauntā BajjiCounter Badge012140Counter Badge08140
プレジデントバッジPurejidento BajjiPresident Badge1255900General Badge1545350
ゲッターバッジGettā BajjiGetter Badge045400Grab Badge045400
マリルイバッジMarirui BajjiMari-Lui Badge020600Mari-Lui Badge020190
ミラクルバッジMirakuru BajjiMiracle Badge022150Miracle Badge022120
マッスルームバッジMassurūmu BajjiMassurum Badge025180Muscle Badge025220
キノコバッジKinoko BajjiMushroom Badge80250Mush Badge020160
キノコバッジAKinoko Bajji AMushroom Badge A150450Mush Badge A040300
キノコバッジAAKinoko Bajji AAMushroom Badge AA250750Mush Badge AA045480
ミラクスバッジMirakusu BajjiMirakusu Badge022120Ohoracle Badge022130
オーパーツバッジŌpātsu BajjiOpatsu Badge035280Oh-Pah Badge035280
マメピヨバッジMamepiyo BajjiMamepiyo Badge215120Pea Badge21290
パワフルバッジPawafuru BajjiPowerful Badge025160Power Badge020160
サルベージバッジSarubēji BajjiSalvage Badge040350Salvage Badge040320
ジェネラルバッジJeneraru BajjiGeneral Badge300500Sarge Badge150300
トゲキラーバッジAATogekirā Bajji AASpike Killer Badge AA050350Spiny Badge AA050280
タンクバッジTanku BajjiTank Badge045400Tank Badge045400
ワンダフルバッジWandafuru BajjiWonderful Badge020140Wonder Badge022140
Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation BP Pow Sell Name BP Pow Sell
ビーンバッジBīn BajjiBean Badge4810Bean Badge6810
クッパファングKuppa FanguKoopa Fang050125Bowser Fang50025
クッパフィストKuppa FisutoKoopa Fist030125Bowser Fist01025
ブラザーズロックBurazāzu RokkuBrothers Rock162050Bros. Rock2020200
ゲラッパバッジGerappa BajjiGerappa Badge03260Chuckola Badge02825
ハンドオーラHando ŌraHand Aura03030Hand Aura02025
ハイエンドバッジHai Endo BajjiHigh-End Badge12045High-End Badge12025
ラッキーストーンRakkī SutōnLucky Stone02490Lucky Bros.02625
ラッキーリボンRakkī RibonLucky Ribbon045120Lucky Ribbon22025
クス・ジーシンボルKusu Jī ShinboruKusu Jee Symbol0303Oho Jee Symbol02825
パックンスイングPakkun SuinguPakkun Swing02575Piranha Swing02525
スクールエンブレムSukūru EnburemuSchool Emblem02030School Emblem01825
スレッジハートSurejji HātoSledge Heart050105Sledge Heart02525
ブラザーソウルフルBurazā SōrufuruSoulful Brothers35045Soulful Bros.40025
トゲキラーバッジTogekirā BajjiSpike Killer Badge0835Spike Badge0825
トゲキラーバッジATogekirā Bajji ASpike Killer Badge A02260Spiny Badge A02225
ステディバッジSutedi BajjiSteady Badge102065Steady Badge122525

Bros. Attacks

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
スプラッシュブロスSupurasshu BurosuSplash Bros.Splash Bros.
スイングブロスSuingu BurosuSwing Bros.Swing Bros.
チョッパーブロスChoppā BurosuChopper Bros.Chopper Bros.
ファイアーブロスFaiā BurosuFire Bros.Fire Bros.
バウンドブロスBaundo BurosuBounce Bros.Bounce Bros.
ノックバックブロスNokkubakku BurosuKnockback Bros.Knockback Bros.
タイフーンブロスTaifūn BurosuCyclone Bros.Cyclone Bros.
サンダーブロスSandā BurosuThunder Bros.Thunder Bros.

Special thanks to Matt W. for translation help!