Lost cameos

When Mario and Luigi blend their beans at the Starbeans Cafe, E. Gadd arrives to provide a new invention every time they blend a new drink. There are seven drinks in all, which yields seven gifts. The gift given depends on how many new drinks were made previously.

According to this unused text we found in the game, it appears as though each drink was originally supposed to trigger a certain cameo by a different Nintendo character.

Below, we have broken down the text into seven different conversations between the Cafe cashier and the guests.

E. Gadd (Luigi's Mansion)

E. Gadd : Hmm... My sniffer's detecting the
aroma of a new kind of juice...
Cashier : Oh! Professor Gadd!
How've you been, sir?
Are you here to try our new
drink? You can ask those two
there for Woohoo Blend!
E. Gadd : Oh! Just wonderful! A new blend!
How about a try, youngsters?
Hmm... This flavor fills the old
bones with brimming strength!
Yep, a drink like this'll surely boost
my spirits during ghost research.
Listen, youngsters, let me thank
you. I insist you take this.
Hmm... I wonder what I should
invent next...


Wario : Ah ha ha ha! Move it!
Wow! Now that I'm here, this
game's finally gettin' good!
Cashier : Oh! Wario! What's a bad dude
like you doing here?
Oh! I got it! You came to pay
your tab from the other day!
Wario : What are you talkin' about?!?
You tryin' to give me a bad rep
with stupid rumors? I oughta...
Cashier : Aww, come on! Just pay up!
I'll even take beans if you got 'em.
Come on! You're a rich guy, right?
Wario : Uh... OK. Maybe next time. But...
Don't you have free drinks for
celebrity guest stars in this game?
Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Do you guys really like drinking
nasty stuff like this?
Ah! Whatever! Hope this
covers your costs!
Blech! Drinkin' that stuff made me
wanna go shave my tongue!
Uh-oh! Gotta go!

Fox McCloud (Star Fox series)

Fox : Fox here!
Cashier : Hey! Aren't you Fox McCloud,
the Star Fox leader? Are you here
to taste our new juice? No way!
Fox : Uh...yeah. So why don't you
serve me up a cup at your
special guest star rate?
What's that? A call?
A call : Fox! Help me!
Fox! Where are you??
Cashier : Wow! You sure are one busy guy...
Er, I mean, one busy fox!
Fox : Thanks for the discount!
Will this cover the rest?
Mission complete!

Captain Olimar (Pikmin)

Note: Olimar's text would appear on the screen the same
way the item text does (i.e. "You got a Mushroom!"),
meaning he would not have a speech bubble.
Olimar : ...I detect a strange, yet pleasing
aroma drifting through the atmosphere
of this cafe. It would seem to require
further investigation...
Cashier : Wow! This is a rare treat!
If it isn't Captain Olimar!
Olimar : What is this? Before my eyes
stands a strange life form.
It resembles me slightly, so I
shall dub it...Marlio!
...Further investigation indicates
that the drink that this Marlio
holds is the source of the aroma.
I shall now partake of its flavor.
Why! Its flavor is most satisfying!
Finding that such a drink could
be partook of in such a place is
a tremendous discovery, indeed!
This Marlio creature exhibits what
seems to be a longing expression...
Perhaps it will react if I present
it with something...
I have just noticed a strange,
unsightly green creature standing
next to the Marlio... It could be
a dangerous life form. I feel I should
attack it before it attacks me.

Samus Aran (Metroid series)

Cashier : Whoa! A power outage?
Yikes! Samus Aran! I see you're
rocking and rolling as usual!
...Looks like your energy tanks are
empty! Sorry, but can't you give
your Hoolumbian to Samus?
Oh! Feeling better?

Excitebike racer (Excitebike)

Cashier : Hey? Is that the sound of a
motorcycle I hear?
Hey, buddy! What are you doin'?!
This isn't a drive-through!!!
What? Are you thirsty or
something? Fine, but no need
to get so...EXCITED!
Are your engines on full throttle?

Link (The Legend of Zelda Series)

Cashier : Whoa! Link! The Hero of...what
is it, now? Anyway, long-time,
no see, buddy!
What are you doing here? Did you
get lost in a dungeon again?
What? You're having trouble
finding the fairy fountain?
Oh... It's game over, and your
bottles are all empty?
Are your hearts filled now, kiddo?

Remembering there are seven types of blends on the menu, and seven different characters portrayed in the text, we can attempt to determine who was supposed to appear for each drink. Luckily, we have two clues already: E. Gadd appears first in the text, and he gets to try the Woohoo Blend, which is the first drink on the menu. Samus appears fifth in the text, and she tries the fifth drink: Hoolumbian. If we assume the rest of the cameos follow the menu, they would line up like so:

Woohoo Blend - E. Gadd
Hoohoo Blend - Wario
Chuckle Blend - Fox
Teehee Blend - Olimar
Hoolumbian - Samus
Chuckoccino - Excitebike racer
Teeheespresso - Link

Furthermore, there is a small group of unused item text that fits right in with the scenarios! We've also included the corresponding group of text that was actually used in the game.


You got the Triforce!
You got an Energy Tank!
You got a Gold Ring!
You got the Game Boy Horror!
You got a UV Lamp!
You got Wario's Gold!
You got an Excite Spring!

Changed to...

You got the Great Force!
You got the Power Grip!
You got the Bonus Ring!
You got the Game Boy Horror SP!
You got the Cobalt Necktie!
You got the Greed Wallet!
You got an Excite Spring!

The Excite Spring is the only name from the original group that survived. The sprites didn't have to be changed, except for two: Energy Tank and UV Lamp, which were changed to the Power Grip and Cobalt Necktie, respectively. If sprites for Energy Tank and UV Lamp were left in the game, they have not been found yet.

Because of all the clues, it is easy to determine which present each Nintendo character was supposed to give, and ultimately, the original plans for Starbeans Cafe:

Blend Character Gift Gift changed to...
Woohoo Blend E. Gadd Game Boy Horror Game Boy Horror SP
Hoohoo Blend Wario Wario's Gold Greed Wallet
Chuckle Blend Fox McCloud Gold Ring Bonus Ring
Heehee Blend Captain Olimar UV Lamp Cobalt Necktie
Hoolumbian Samus Aran Energy Tank Power Grip
Chuckoccino Excitebike racer Excite Spring Excite Spring
Teeheespresso Link Triforce Great Force

UPDATE (Nov 19, 2009): The character sprites have been found by some folks at the Yoshi Lighthouse forum! Check out a sprite sheet here and a YouTube video showing animations here.

It is interesting to note that while the game text appears in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish), the unused Starbeans Cafe dialog only appears in English.

Unused enemy names

The group of text containing all the enemy names also includes about a dozen names that were not used in the final version of Superstar Saga.

Getme!, Dummonster, Mossy Goomba, Pop Goomba, Paragoomba

Located near the beginning of the enemy labels, these baddies were probably used for testing.

Sgt. Starshade, Nice Guy, Mallet

Sgt. Starshade and Mallet: These friendlies are grouped in with the enemy names for use in the battle tutorials. As it turns out, you can only target Sledge -- Mallet's brother -- in the hammer tutorial. As for "Nice Guy," your guess is as good as ours.


The position of Chompa in the group of text suggests that it was an early name for Mecha-Chomp.


Please see the Sharkbone description at the end of this page.

Left Pincer, Right Pincer

These are early names for Hermie III's Left Claw and Right Claw.

Time Bob-omb

Time Bob-ombs appear in battle with some Koopalings, but you cannot target them.

Unused items

In addition to the lost accessories from the bean-blending sidequest, it looks like the developers were planning on having more armor and more special items in the final game.


Nintendo Power's Superstar Saga player's guide lists seven pieces of clothing that you cannot actually find in the U.S. version without using cheat devices. Since they made it into the guide, they were probably removed from the game late in development. Below are the unused clothes with their descriptions from the game and stats from the NP guide.

Armor nameDescriptionForHPDefEffect
Chuckola Pants Pants filled with a poison antidote. Mario 04560% Poison Dodge
Heavy Slacks Very hard pants made of Hoohoo Blocks. Both 048Heavy G
Light Slacks Very light and made of Parabeanie wings. Both 048Light G
Jeanie Jeans Magic jeans that boost DEF in battle. Luigi 060DEF-Up
Jeaniest Jeans The best-looking, best-fitting jeans! Luigi 074
Oho Gear Cool pants with a raging wave print. Both 028
Safe Guard An outfit that blocks status ailments. Both 07860% Poison Dodge

*Oho Gear is used only in the Japanese game, where it is known as "Ocean Wear." Please see the MLSS Japanese to English page for more details.

Colored Bean Fruits

This was found with the text for the Neon Eggs:

You got a Blue Bean Fruit!
You got a Red Bean Fruit!
You got a Green Bean Fruit!
You got a Yellow Bean Fruit!
You got a Purple Bean Fruit!
You got an Orange Bean Fruit!
You got an Azure Bean Fruit!

Since the seven colors match the seven Yoshis, perhaps the original plan was to have these seven Bean Fruit colors that you would have to bring to the corresponding Yoshi. The final version keeps it simple, with seven plain Bean Fruits to seek out.

Though the colored Bean Fruits were scrapped, their descriptions survived!

Blue Bean Fruit - A juicy blue bean grown in the ground.
Red Bean Fruit - A juicy red bean grown in the ground.
Green Bean Fruit - A juicy green bean grown in the ground.
Yellow Bean Fruit - A juicy yellow bean grown in the ground.
Purple Bean Fruit - A juicy purple bean grown in the ground.
Orange Bean Fruit - A juicy orange bean grown in the ground.
Azure Bean Fruit - A juicy azure bean grown in the ground.

Neon Beans

There are even more lost beans. This is just more speculation, but perhaps these were also considered for the Bean Fruit fetch-quest. There is no "You got..." text for these items in the ROM, just names and descriptions.

Neon Blue Bean - A bean that shines with a bright blue light.
Neon Red Bean - A bean that shines with a bright red light.
Neon Green Bean - A bean that shines with a bright green light.
Neon Yellow Bean - A bean that shines with a bright yellow light.
Neon Purple Bean - A bean that shines with a bright purple light.
Neon Orange Bean - A bean that shines with a bright orange light.
Neon Azure Bean - A bean that shines with a bright azure light.


You got a Game & Watch!
You got a Spiritual Bros.!

The Game & Watch probably would've been a key item, as this text is right before the Beanlet and Beanstone "you got!" text. "Spiritual Bros." sounds like a badge name.

???? = Sharkbone

Gwarhar Lagoon is home to finned enemies named "????" that can be one of two forms: A shark skeleton or a Cheep Cheep-like fish. Though the enemy has only one name, Nintendo Power's Official Player's Guide lists different names for both forms: "Sharkbone," which fits ????'s bony variation, and "Puffer-Cheep," which is what the Cheep Cheeps in Oho Ocean change into when attacked. It may seem that NP made a horrible mistake, but the text "Sharkbone" does exist in the ROM with the other Gwarhar Lagoon enemy names. Therefore, the NP guide editors probably had an early version where the "????" enemy had two names.

Interesting side note: In the German text, "Sharkbone" is "Sand-Cheep."

???? ???? ????