Region Title Release date Platform
Japan スーパーマリオ64
Super Mario 64
6/23/1996 Nintendo 64
USA Super Mario 64 9/29/1996 Nintendo 64

Audible changes


Mario had several voice clips added for the U.S. version:

  • "Hello!" - On the Press Start screen.
  • "Press start to play." - When returning to the Press Start screen after watching a demo.
  • "Okey-dokey." - When a file is selected.
  • "Let's-a go!" - When a stage is chosen.
  • "I'm-a tired." - Don't touch anything on the controller for a while and Mario will say this before yawning.
  • "Night-nighty. Ah, spaghetti. Ah, ravioli. Ahh, mamma-mia." - Mario dreams of pasta after he has been sleeping for a few minutes.
  • "So long-a Bowser!" - Mario says this for a long Bowser throw. He says "Here we go!" in the Japanese version for both short and long throws.
  • "D'oh!" - When long-jumping, sliding, or diving into a wall. The Japanese version reused Mario's "Unh!" clip, which is also heard when Mario hits a wall after a standard jump or side somersault.
  • "Boing!" - When bouncing off of a Spindrift's head.
  • "Game over." - On the Game Over screen.
  • Mario will say either "Yahoo!", "Wha-ha!", or "Yippee!" during the last (highest) jump of his triple jump technique. In the Japanese game, he says "Yahoo!" every time for the third jump.
  • In the opening sequence, Mario says "Yahoo! Ha ha!" when he leaps out of the pipe. He only says "Yahoo!" in the Japanese version. Mario's "Ha ha!" clip replaces an awkward moment in the Japanese version where there's no music or background noise, just the sound of Mario's feet landing on the ground.
  • If Mario loses a life in a stage, he'll be ejected out of the stage's entrance in the castle. He'll say "Oof! Mamma-mia!" every time in the U.S. version, but the Japanese version won't have the "Mamma-mia" if the stage's entrance was not on a wall.

Princess Peach didn't have a voice until the U.S. release. Peach's letter voice-over in the opening sequence and monologue during the ending sequence were provided by Leslie Swan, who also wrote the screen text and co-wrote the manual text for the game.

Sound effects and music
  • New to the U.S. version's opening sequence are "whoosh" sound effects when the Lakitu cameraman flies under the main bridge, another "whoosh" when Lakitu flies around the pipe, a "click" when the camera switches to Lakitu's point of view, and a "boing" when Mario leaps out of the pipe. In the "U.S." sound file below, the whooshing starts at the 18-second mark, the camera clicks at the 27-second mark, and the boing is heard at the 31-second mark.
    Sound clip (MP3): Japanese version | U.S. version
  • Music was added when Mario meets the "Lakitu Bros." camerman in front of the castle.
    Sound clip (MP3): Japanese version | U.S. version
  • Two sound effects were added for some of the castle's secret stages. When Mario enters Tower of the Wing Cap, the "course select" sound effect is heard as the screen turns to white. The second added sound effect plays when Mario exits Tower of the Wing Cap, Wing Mario over the Rainbow, Vanish Cap Under the Moat, or The Princess's Secret Slide without getting a Star. In the clip below, you can hear the new sound of entering and exiting Tower of the Wing Cap.
    Sound clip (MP3): Japanese version | U.S. version
  • Chain Chomp has a deeper voice in the U.S. version, which makes him sound a bit more menacing.
    Sound clip (MP3): Japanese version | U.S. version
  • The U.S. version has a new Red Coin sound effect that rises in pitch with each coin collected. The sound effect does not change pitch in the Japanese version.
    Sound clip (MP3): Japanese version | U.S. version

Except for Mario's "So long-a Bowser" clip, the Japan-only Super Mario 64 rumble version has all the new voices, sound effects, and music listed above. We'll have more details about the rumble version's changes in a future update.

Game demos

If you don't press any buttons on the Press Start screen, you'll get to watch several game demos. The first demo that plays in the U.S. version—Mario battling Bowser—is not in the Japanese version. All other demos from the Japanese version are present, and will play in the same order after the Bowser demo.

Peach's letter

A "Peach" signature in pink ink was added to the princess's letter in the U.S. version.

Japanese version U.S. version

Score screen

On the score screen, pressing the A button will replace your scores with the high scores, showing which file (Mario A, B, C, or D) they belong to. In the U.S. version, a Mario head icon replaces the word "Mario." The U.S. version's screen looks a bit cramped, so this was probably done to save space.

Japanese version U.S. version

Really sunken ship

The painting for Jolly Roger Bay (Course 3) was changed from a picture of bubbles underwater to a picture of a sunken ship, while its frame was changed from blue to gold.

Japanese version U.S. version

Maximum money modification

By picking up the coins that emerge from Bowser's fire breath, you can max out Mario's coin counter during the first Bowser battle. Though it would take a very long time without cheat codes, Mario can collect up to 32,767 coins in the Japanese version. However, going over 999 coins has a weird side effect, so the U.S. version stops the coin counter at 999.


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ノコノコNokonokoNokonokoKoopa the Quick
ピーチPīchiPeachPrincess "Peach" Toadstool


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ボムへいBomuheiBomb SoldierBob-omb
キラーブックKirā BukkuKiller BookBookend
キラーKirāKillerBullet Bill
ワンワンWanwanWanwanChain Chomp
プロペラヘイホーPuropera HeihōPropeller HeihōFly Guy
ノコノコNokonokoNokonokoKoopa Troopa
ガマグチクンGamaguchikunGamaguchi-kunMoney Bags
チョロプーChoropūChoropūMonty Mole
アイクンAikunEye-kunMr. I.
パックンフラワーPakkun FurawāPakkun FlowerPiranha Plant
ガサゴソGasagosoGasagosoScuttle Bug
オニマスクンOnimasukunOnimasu-kunTox Box
ボムキングBomu KinguBomb KingBig Bob-omb
ボステレサBosu TeresaBoss TeresaBig Boo
ボスどんけつBosu DonketsuBoss DonketsuBig Bully
バッタンキングBattan KinguBattan KingWhomp King
  • Bully: Donketsu means "lowest rank."
  • Money Bags: Gamaguchi means "coin purse."
  • Scuttle Bug: Gasagoso is a rustling sound. Scuttle Bug was renamed "Scuttlebug" in New Super Mario Bros.
  • Spindrift: Fuwafuwa means "light, airy, fluffy."
  • Swoop: Basabasa is a rustling sound, similar to Scuttle Bug's Japanese name's meaning. Swoop's English name was "Swooper" in Super Mario World.
  • Unagi: His name was changed from "Utsubo" to "Unagi," which is also Japanese for "eel." Utsubo are moray eels.

Courses and levels

Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
ボムへいの せんじょうBomuhei no SenjōBomb Soldier BattlefieldBob-omb Battlefield
バッタンキングの とりでBattan Kingu no TorideBattan King's FortressWhomp's Fortress
かいぞくの いりえKaizoku no IriePirate's CoveJolly Roger Bay
さむいさむい マウンテンSamui Samui MauntenCold Cold MountainCool, Cool Mountain
テレサの ホラーハウスTeresa no Horā HausuTeresa's Horror HouseBig Boo's Haunt
やみにとける どうくつYami ni Tokeru DōkutsuCave That Is Dissolving into DarknessHazy Maze Cave
ファイアバブル ランドFaia Baburu RandoFire Bubble LandLethal Lava Land
あっちっち さばくAtchitchi SabakuAtchitchi DesertShifting Sand Land
ウォーター ランドWōtā RandoWater LandDire, Dire Docks
スノーマンズ ランドSunōmanzu RandoSnowman's LandSnowman's Land
みずびたシティーMizubita ShitīFlooded CityWet-Dry World
たかいたかいマウンテンTakai Takai MauntenTall Tall MountainTall, Tall Mountain
ちびでか アイランドChibi Deka AirandoTiny Huge IslandTiny-Huge Island
チックタックロックChikku TakkurokkuTick Tock ClockTick Tock Clock
レインボー クルーズReinbō KurūzuRainbow CruiseRainbow Ride
Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
Course 1
やまのうえの ボムキングYama no Ue no Bomu KinguBomb King on the SummitBig Bob-omb on the Summit
はくねつ ノコノコレースHakunetsu Nokonoko RēsuIntense Nokonoko RaceFootrace with Koopa the Quick
そらのしままで ぶっとべSora no Shima made ButtobeShoot to the Island in the SkyShoot to the Island in the Sky
8まいの あかコイン8 Mai no Aka Koin8 Red CoinsFind the 8 Red Coins
そらにはばたけ はねマリオSora ni Habatake Hane MarioWing Mario Flies in the SkyMario Wings to the Sky
ワンワンの いぬごやでWanwan no Inugoya deWanwan's KennelBehind Chain Chomp's Gate
Course 2
いかりのバッタン キングIkari no Battan KinguAngry Battan KingChip off Whomp's Block
とりでの てっぺんへToride no Teppen eTop of the FortressTo the Top of the Fortress
たいほうで ひとっとびTaihō de HitottobiShoot with the CannonShoot into the Wild Blue
うきしまの 8まいコインUkishima no 8 Mai KoinFloating Island's 8 CoinsRed Coins on the Floating Isle
とりかごへ ストーンTorikago e SutōnStone into the BirdcageFall onto the Caged Island
たいほうで ぶっこわせ!Taihō de Bukkowase!Destroy with the Cannon!Blast Away the Wall
Course 3
ちんぼつせんの おたからChinbotsusen no OtakaraTreasure of the Sunken ShipPlunder in the Sunken Ship
でてこい きょだいウツボDetekoi Kyodai UtsuboCome out, Huge UtsuboCan the Eel Come out to Play?
かいていどうくつの おたからKaitei Dōkutsu no OtakaraTreasure of the Undersea CaveTreasure of the Ocean Cave
うかんだフネの あかコインUkanda Fune no Aka KoinFloating Ship's Red CoinsRed Coins on the Ship Afloat
いわのはしらへ ひとっとびIwa no Hashira e HitottobiShoot to the Stone PillarBlast to the Stone Pillar
ふきだす みずを くぐれFukidasu Mizu o KugurePass Through the Gushing WaterThrough the Jet Stream
Course 4
スーパースノースライダーSūpā Sunō SuraidāSuper Snow SliderSlip Slidin' Away
まいごの こペンギンMaigo no KopenginLost Baby PenguinLi'l Penguin Lost
ペンギン チャンピオンレースPengin Chanpion RēsuPenguin Champion RaceBig Penguin Race
すべって 8まいあかコインSubette 8 Mai Aka KoinSlide for 8 Red CoinsFrosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
ゴロゴロ ゆきダルマGorogoro YukidarumaRolling SnowmanSnowman's Lost His Head
かくれ スーパー カベキックKakure Sūpā Kabe KikkuHidden Super Wall KicksWall Kicks Will Work
Course 5
おやかたテレサを さがせOyakata Teresa o SagaseSearch for Master TeresaGo on a Ghost Hunt
テレサの メリーゴーランドTeresa no MerīgōrandoTeresa's Merry-Go-RoundRide Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
ほんだなオバケの ナゾHondana Obake no NazoRiddle of the Bookshelf GhostSecret of the Haunted Books
8まいコインは どこだ8 Mai Koin wa Doko daWhere Are the 8 Coins?Seek the 8 Red Coins
バルコニーの ボステレサBarukonī no Bosu TeresaBoss Teresa of the BalconyBig Boo's Balcony
かくしべやの おおめだまKakushibeya no ŌmedamaBig Eyeball in the Secret RoomEye to Eye in the Secret Room
Course 6
ドッシーのいる ちていこDosshī no Iru ChiteikoDoshi in the Underground LakeSwimming Beast in the Cavern
そうさリフトの あかコインSōsa Rifuto no Aka KoinControllable Lift's Red CoinsElevate for 8 Red Coins
メタルで ダッシュMetaru de DasshuMetal DashMetal-Head Mario Can Move!
ケムリめいろを ぬけてKemuri Meiro o NuketeEscape the Smoky MazeNavigating the Toxic Maze
ケムリめいろの ひじょうぐちKemuri Meiro no HijōguchiSmoky Maze's Emergency ExitA-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
ゴロゴロいわの ひみつGorogoro Iwa no HimitsuSecret of the Rolling RocksWatch for Rolling Rocks
Course 7
おとせ ボスどんけつOtose Bosu DonketsuMake Boss Donketsu FallBoil the Big Bully
たたかえ!どんけつたいTatakae! DonketsutaiFight! Donketsu SquadBully the Bullies
15パズルの 8まいコイン15 Pazuru no 8 Mai Koin15 Puzzle's 8 Coins8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces
コロコロ まるたわたりKorokoro Maruta WatariRolling Log FerryRed-Hot Log Rolling
かざんの パワースターKazan no Pawā SutāVolcano's Power StarHot Foot-It into the Volcano
かざんの リフトツアーKazan no Rifuto TsuāVolcano's Lift TourElevator Tour in the Volcano
Course 8
いたずらハゲたか ジャンゴItazura Hagetaka JangoPrank Vulture JangoIn the Talons of the Big Bird
ピラミッドの てっぺんでPiramiddo no Teppen deOn Top of the PyramidShining Atop the Pyramid
きょだいピラミッドの ないぶKyodai Piramiddo no NaibuInside of the Huge PyramidInside the Ancient Pyramid
4つのはしらに たつものへ4 Tsu no Hashira ni Tatsumono heStand on the Four PillarsStand Tall on the Four Pillars
とびまわれ 8まいコインTobimaware 8 Mai KoinFly Around for 8 CoinsFree Flying for 8 Red Coins
きょだいピラミッドのナゾKyodai Piramiddo no NazoRiddle of the Huge PyramidPyramid Puzzle
Course 9
クッパの せんすいかんKuppa no SensuikanKoopa's SubmarineBoard Bowser's Sub
うずしおの たからばこUzushio no TakarabakoTreasure Chests in the Whirling TidesChests in the Current
にげたクッパの あかコインNigeta Kuppa no Aka KoinThe Escaped Koopa's Red CoinsPole-Jumping for Red Coins
ふきだす みずを くぐれFukidasu Mizu o KugurePass Through the Gushing WaterThrough the Jet Stream
マンタの おくりものManta no OkurimonoManta's GiftThe Manta Ray's Reward
ボウシが そろったらBōshi ga SorottaraIf You Collect the Caps...Collect the Caps...
Course 10
おおゆきダルマの おでこŌyukidaruma no OdekoBig Snowman's ForeheadSnowman's Big Head
こおりのくにの どんけつKōri no Kuni no DonketsuIce Country's DonketsuChill with the Bully
こおりの オブジェKōri no ObujeIce ArtIn the Deep Freeze
つめたい いけを こえてTsumetai Ike o KoeteCross the Cold PondWhirl from the Freezing Pond
コウラにのって あかコインKōra ni Notte Aka KoinRide the Shell for Red CoinsShell Shreddin' for Red Coins
フワフワさんの おうちFuwafuwasan no ŌchiFuwafuwa-san's HouseInto the Igloo
Course 11
ビリビリの まめリフトBiribiri no Mame RifutoElectrified Tiny LiftsShocking Arrow Lifts!
トップオブ ザ シティーToppu Obu Za ShitīTop of the CityTop o' the Town
あさせと そらのシークレットAsase to Sora no ShīkurettoSecrets in the Shallows and SkySecrets in the Shallows & Sky
いそげ!かなあみエレベーターIsoge! Kanaami ErebētāHurry! Wire Mesh ElevatorExpress Elevator--Hurry Up!
ダウンタウンの あかコインDauntaun no Aka KoinRed Coins DowntownGo to Town for Red Coins
ダウンタウンを かけろDauntaun o KakeroRun Through DowntownQuick Race Through Downtown!
Course 12
たかいたかい やまのうえTakai Takai Yama no UeTall Tall MountaintopScale the Mountain
いたずらザル ウッキィのオリItazurazaru Ukkī no OriMischievous Monkey Ukkī's CageMystery of the Monkey Cage
おばけキノコの あかコインObake Kinoko no Aka KoinScary Mushrooms' Red CoinsScary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
マウンテン スライダーMaunten SuraidāMountain SliderMysterious Mountainside
はしのうえから みわたせばHashi no Ue kara MiwatasebaIf You Look Out from the Bridge...Breathtaking View from Bridge
ぶっとべ はなれキノコへButtobe Hanare Kinoko heShoot to the Solitary MushroomBlast to the Lonely Mushroom
Course 13
きょだいパックンフラワーKyodai Pakkun FurawāHuge Pakkun FlowerPluck the Piranha Flower
デカじまの てっぺんでDekajima no Teppen deTop of the Huge IslandThe Tip Top of the Huge Island
ノコノコ リターンマッチNokonoko Ritān MatchiNokonoko Return MatchRematch with Koopa the Quick
チビじまの 5シークレットChibijima no 5 ShīkurettoTiny Island's 5 SecretsFive Itty Bitty Secrets
ハナチャンの あかコインHanachan no Aka KoinHana-chan's Red CoinsWiggler's Red Coins
イカリの ハナチャンIkari no HanachanAngry Hana-chanMake Wiggler Squirm
Course 14
グルグル かごのなかへGuruguru Kago no Naka heRoll into the CageRoll into the Cage
ふりこの へやFuriko no HeyaPendulum's RoomThe Pit and the Pendulums
チックタックはりの うえChikku Takku Hari no UeTop of the Tick Tock HandGet a Hand
えっへん てっぺん ドッスンEhhen Teppen DossunEhhen Top of the DossunStomp on the Thwomp
つきだしを のりこえてTsukidashi o NorikoeteClimb over the BarsTimed Jumps on Moving Bars
00ふんの あかコイン00 Fun no Aka Koin:00 Red CoinsStop Time for Red Coins
Course 15
にじを わたる ふねNiji o Wataru FuneShip Crossing the RainbowCruiser Crossing the Rainbow
てんくうの おやしきTenkū no OyashikiSky MansionThe Big House in the Sky
タテめいろの あかコインTate Meiro no Aka KoinMaze-Building's Red CoinsCoins Amassed in a Maze
カゼきる きょだいブランコKaze Kiru Kyodai BurankoHuge Swing Cutting the WindSwingin' in the Breeze
おおぞら アスレチックŌzora AsurechikkuSky AthleticTricky Triangles!
にじの かなたの しまNiji no Kanata no ShimaRainbow's Faraway IslandSomewhere over the Rainbow
Bowser Courses
やみの せかいの クッパYami no Sekai no KuppaKoopa in the Dark WorldBowser in the Dark World
ほのおの うみの クッパHonō no Umi no KuppaKoopa in the Fire SeaBowser in the Fire Sea
てんくうの たたかい!Tenkū no Tatakai!Battle in the Sky!Bowser in the Sky
Switch Courses
はばたけ!はねスイッチへHabatake! Hane Suitchi heFlap! To the Wing SwitchTower of the Wing Cap
おほりのとうめいスイッチOmori no Tōmei SuitchiThe Moat's Transparent SwitchVanish Cap Under the Moat
メタルスイッチの たきMetaru Suitchi no TakiMetal Switch's WaterfallCavern of the Metal Cap
Other Courses
ピーチのかくれスライダーPīchi no Kakure SuraidāPeach's Secret SliderThe Princess's Secret Slide
おさかなと いっしょOsakana to IsshoTogether with FishThe Secret Aquarium
にじ かける はねマリオNiji Kakeru Hane MarioRainbow Flying Wing MarioWing Mario over the Rainbow

Special thanks: J.J. (Japanese enemy names) and Mister Breakfast.