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« on: December 20, 2006, 07:33:51 PM »

Well, here it is again, the end of another fun year here at the Fungi Forums. For the second straight year, Sapphira and I will be facilitating the APAs. This year, we've made an executive decision: a lot of categorites. Hopefully, this will work out, since the forums are rather "booming."

RULES: Voting begins immediately. The polls will close on Friday, January 12, 2007 at exactly 11:59:59 PM EST. Please in this topic, only vote and keep the chatter to a minimum--this makes the counting of votes much easier for Sapphira and I. You may vote for a first place and second place for each category. Be sure to mark your first and second place votes accordingly! You do not have to vote all at once, but it would be most appreciated. You may abstain from voting in a category by saying "DID NOT VOTE -- or something similar. You may NOT vote for yourselff. Please copy and paste the following template to vote.
1)   Poster of the Year-
2)   Best Moderator/Admin-
3)   Best Regular-
4)   Best Newbie-
5)   Topic of the Year-
6)   Post of the Year-
7)   Best Signature-
8)   Best Custom Title-
9)   Most Amiable-
10)   Most Average-
11)   Cleverest-
12)   Blast from the Past-
13)   Most Missed-
14)   Wisest and Most Mature-
15)   Social Butterfly-
16)   Most Improved-
17)   Most Helpful-
18)   Funniest-
19)   Dynamic Duo-
20)   WTD Award-
21)   Deezer Award-

Most of the categories are self-explanatory. But a few of them require SPECIAL RULES. Here is a brief overview of each category, with special regulations for some of them. The categories with special rules are marked with the red text.

1)   Poster of the Year -- In this award, choose the best poster that has contributed THIS YEAR. He/She should be , in your estimation, the best all around poster in the Fungi Forums.
2)   Best Moderator/Admin -- This must be a moderator / Admin who you think is doing an extra-ordinary job in his or her position.
3)   Best Regular -- This award goes to the person who is neither a Moderator or Admin, but shows that extra something that makes them worthy of this award.
4)   Best Newbie -- This is for a member who has joined sometime in this year (He/She was a newbie sometime during the year, not just right now) and shows extreme competence.   
5)   Topic of the Year -- This award goes to the creator of the best topic of the year. THE TOPIC MUST HAVE BEEN CREATED DURING 2006. A link also must be provided to the topic.
6)   Post of the Year -- This award goes to the creator of the best post. For this award, the POST must have been made in 2006 (but not necessarily the topic). Be sure to link to the post, provide the poster, and the reply number.
7)   Best Signature -- This award goes to the creator of the best, most creative Sig around. The Sig must have been created in 2006.
8)   Best Custom Title-- This award goes to the person who was given the best custom title throughout the year. Sapphira has compiled a list of these, and they will be posted soon. 
9)   Most Amiable -- This is codename for the nicest person around these parts.
10)   Most Average-- This award goes to the poster who does not strive for more. Who around here doesn't do anything special, and is the perfect example of your "average Joe" around the forums.
11)   Cleverest -- This award goes to the poster who has that special something. That "creative spark," if you will. He/she can come up with comething creative, witty, and clever right on the spot.
12)   Blast from the Past-- The newest award, this award goes to a poster who has come back from a long hiatus (break) and has surprised everyone!
13)   Most Missed -- This is the only award that goes to somebody who is not active. Where did they go? Vote here for somebody who you would love to see back here sometime soon!
14)   Wisest and Most Mature-- Because we had so many topics in the first place, Sapphira and I again made an executive decision to lump these two awards into one. This poster is a mature person, who knows a lot about Mario, but more about every day life.
15)   Social Butterfly-- This is Sapphira's brainchild. Who is here all the time, and really blossoms. I guess one could say this will go to the person who contributes the most, is here a lot, and gets along with everyone.
16)   Most Improved -- Which poster has grown the most in the past year? The choice is yours.
17)   Most Helpful --Think back to when you were a newbie. Who would you have wanted to befriend you in your first days here? Who would have been the most helpful person in your beginning days. Think about now, who still helps you with problems your having.
18)   Funniest -- Hahahahah!!!
19)   Dynamic Duo -- This category was tried in the awards a few years ago, if I am not mistaken. It is the only category that is given to two posters. Who would you consider the "best friends" around these parts. 
20)   WTD Award -- You all should know the WTD history. Disiregardless. Who is the poster that makes you go WTD? nine times out of ten, or even better, ten times out of ten.
21)   Deezer Award- Yep.

Voting begins now. Please follow the rules. I will PM you to change it it is not the correct format. Thanks. Let the fun begin!

EDIT: Some clarifications and "nominees"
Tie-Breaker Round info
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1)Poster of the Year- NO VOTE
2)Best Moderator/Admin- 1. Insane Steve 2. Luigison
3)Best Regular- NO VOTE
4)Best Newbie- NO VOTE
5)Topic of the Year- NO VOTE
6)Post of the Year- TEM, reply #35: http://themushroomkingdom.net/board/index.php?topic=9403.msg429262#msg429262
7)Best Signature- NO VOTE
8)Best Custom Title-??  1. TEM's "like, totally, master of the keyboard swordtar and stuff" 2.Vidgmchtr's "eoaeeae"
9)Most Amiable- 1. Sapphira 2. Luigison
10)Most Average- 1. Bird Person 2. Vidgmchtr
11)Cleverest- 1. Lizard Dude 2. Lizard Dude
12)Blast from the Past- 1. Red Paratroopa
13)Most Missed- 1. Watoad
14)Wisest and Most Mature- 1. Black Mage 2. MEGABYTE
15)Social Butterfly- TEM, just to see how he'll accept the award
16)Most Improved- 1. SolidShroom
17)Most Helpful- 1. Luigison 2. Deezer
18)Funniest- 1. TIE- Lizard Dude and TEM 2. Chupperson Weird
19)Dynamic Duo- 1. Lizard Dude/TEM 2. Sapphira/Vidgmchtr (mostly in #tmk)
20)WTD Award- Nikkolas
21)Deezer Award- Deezer the Snowman

Black spaces to be filled in later, if I remember.
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« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2006, 08:04:30 PM »
Catch 21:  Deezer can't vote for himself and the Deezer award can't go to anyone else.
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Way too many categories.

1)   Poster of the Year- NOT VOTING
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- 1. Insane Steve 2. Luigison
3)   Best Regular- NOT VOTING
4)   Best Newbie- NOT VOTING
5)   Topic of the Year- NOT VOTING
6)   Post of the Year- NOT VOTING
7)   Best Signature- NOT VOTING
8)   Best Custom Title- 1. J.J. McCullough "Groin-grabbingly Awesome" 2. Vidgmchtr "Godmother Wheels"
9)   Most Amiable- NOT VOTING
10)   Most Average- 1. Markio 2. Markio
11)   Cleverest- NOT VOTING
12)   Blast from the Past- NOT VOTING
13)   Most Missed- 1. Dairy King 2. Watoad
14)   Wisest and Most Mature- Black Mage
15)   Social Butterfly- NOT VOTING
16)   Most Improved- NOT VOTING
17)   Most Helpful- NOT VOTING
18)   Funniest- 1. Lizard Dude 2. Deezer
19)   Dynamic Duo- NOT VOTING
21)   Deezer Award- BirdPerson
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1)   Poster of the Year- 1st: Lizard Dude, 2nd: Bird Person.
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- 1st: Luigison, 2nd: Insane Steve.
3)   Best Regular- 1st: Bird Person, 2nd: Koopaslaya.
4)   Best Newbie-  1st: SolidShroom, 2nd: pt_peach.
5)   Topic of the Year- 1st: The ANGST thread: Complain here!, by Bird Person. 2nd: Classic quotes from Boo_penguin, by Chupperson Weird.
6)   Post of the Year- 1st: Reply #22, Insane Steve. (Did not vote for a 2nd post.)
7)   Best Signature- 1st: "I have wasted almost this entire day. Quiet, please, I'm in the home stretch." Mr.Melee. 2nd: "SIGNATURE IS NOT A TOY
DO NOT SWALLOW" Ultima Shadow.
8)   Best Custom Title- 1st: "Groin-grabbingly Awesome" J.J. McCullough. 2nd: "oragoodpost" cantthinkofaname.
9)   Most Amiable- 1st: Luigison. 2nd: SolidShroom.
10)   Most Average- 1st: Vidgmchtr. 2nd: NintendoExpert89.
11)   Cleverest- 1st: Bird Person. 2nd: Eclipsed Moon.
12)   Blast from the Past- 1st: J.J. McCullough. 2nd: DavidDayton.
13)   Most Missed- 1st: Khold. 2nd: G-Dawg.
14)   Wisest and Most Mature- 1st: Jman. 2nd: Insane Steve.
15)   Social Butterfly- 1st: Suffix. 2nd: pt_peach.
16)   Most Improved- 1st: SolidShroom. 2nd: Mr.Melee.
17)   Most Helpful- 1st: Khold. 2nd: bobman37.
18)   Funniest- 1st: Bird Person. 2nd: Glorb.
19)   Dynamic Duo- 1st: Suffix and Sapphira. 2nd: Bird Person and SolidShroom.
20)   WTD Award- 1st: GiftedGirl. 2nd: SushieBoy.
21)   Deezer Award- Mr. Face.
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Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised? Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?


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Well, I can tell that #13 is going to be a landslide...
1)   Poster of the Year- 1st- Lizard Dude, 2nd- Bird Person
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- 1st- Suffix, 2nd- Lizard Dude
3)   Best Regular- 1st- Bird Person, 2nd- EclipsedMoon
4)   Best Newbie- 1st- Abercrombiebaseball
5)   Topic of the Year- DID NOT VOTE
6)   Post of the Year- DID NOT VOTE
7)   Best Signature-
1st- "Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised?
Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?" - MaxVance
2nd- "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." - Vidgmchtr
8)   Best Custom Title-
1st- Black Mage- HP 001 MP 000
2nd- The Chef- Favorite Backseat Moderator
9)   Most Amiable- 1st- Suffix, 2nd- Sapphira
10)   Most Average- 1st- Abercrombiebaseball, 2nd- superstarMASIAH
11)   Cleverest- 1st- MaxVance, 2nd- Luigison
12)   Blast from the Past- DID NOT VOTE
13)   Most Missed- 1st- Khold
14)   Wisest and Most Mature- 1st- Luigison, 2nd- Chupperson
15)   Social Butterfly- 1st- GiftedGirl, 2nd- SushieBoy
16)   Most Improved- 1st- pt_peach, 2nd- Mr.Melee
17)   Most Helpful- 1st- Suffix, 2nd- Lizard Dude
18)   Funniest- 1st- TEM, 2nd- Lizard Dude
19)   Dynamic Duo- 1st- fairemaster/The Chef, 2nd- SushieBoy/GiftedGirl
20)   WTD Award- 1st- TEM, 2nd- Lizard Dude
21)   Deezer Award- 1st- fairemaster, 2nd- fuzzy
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Nice job, Koop!
If I see any formatting problems, I'll just edit the post.

Something to mention about Dynamic Duo is that it can be any two members paired for any reason you think is coolest. Like, most similar, most different, worst enemies, or best friends, etc.

ALSO, you guys can give tie votes if you can't decide. Just be sure to say "TIE:" and then list the members. The limit is a two-way tie.

Okay, now for the stuff you guys've been waiting for:

The Custom Title List
Aarom11         Typo // Banned... everywhere else // PM Spammer
AbercrombieBaseball   FitchPitch
AtomicToad      The Green Goblin
Big_C         Lawsuit waiting to happen
Bigluigifan1.0       A Good Custom Title
Bird Person      Silly Goose... Person // WAY out of date // Electronic Disaster // Grammar Queen // Jonesin'
Black Mage   HP 858 MP 685 // HP 001 MP 000 // HP 1018 MP 685
bobman37      manbob
cantthinkofaname   underage // oragoodpost
Chupperson Weird   Would look good with a beard // Pro punches // Here we have all kinds of socks. // The Horrible Truth // Throb Thither Lure // Matthew unburdened // has collectoritis
coolkid      Lukewarm
DavidDayton   Paranormal Occurrence // DJ Fungi
dude677      B& // My Valentine <3 // Get A Life
Fifth      Quadruped
fuzzy      Get Dizzy  //  Soy Scout // liar
GiftedGirl   Is this user getting ignored? // Makes people Strong Mad
Hirocon      June 14-16, every year
Hyrulian   Formerly ledzeppelinrocks // Something so outrageous
Insane Steve   Out of patience // ...  //  none title  //  What does it matter anymore?  //  Irregular Mod  //  Counterexample // Counterproductive // [this space for rent]  // Professional Cynic
J.J. McCullough      Groin-grabbingly Awesome
Jman         0 ?F in ?C
Khold      Dead // WWE champion // Formerly Syrhini, formerly Khold // Phoenix Wright
Koopaslaya   Not meant for human ears // Kansas
Lizard Dude   Stupid Fatty // I'm with stupid v // Would look good with anything // Infiniural // His Hips Don't Lie // Learning Disabled // lier // Grammar Cowboy // VERY UNHEALTHY // MODERATE // Thickheaded Tubby // Blubbery Brainless // Puerile Parturient // Tubby Tard
Luigison   combed feet // Allusional un-recognized lackey // Watching Mr.Mad // Read 254 times // de1337ed // luigi vision // Has a beard // Has sideburns // 53x53115 //  MaxVance Rocks!? //  forgives smfan1085  //  Now in High Definition.  // Regular Mod  //  ALLUSIONAL  // un-recognized lackey //  banned // 1up // Insomniac // Gomez // Invisible // ≠ 7 x 191 // Storyteller // Banned // Storyteller = liar // Badge of Honor // Gramer Speling King // Daddy // Daddy-san // Papasan // Wiiless 'till 25DEC2006 // Wiiless 'till 2007
Mario Maniac      Sony PR Rep // Console Flip-flopper
mario_luigifan104   Mr. Bump
Markio         Markio // Sapphira
MarlieMoo   Party Star
MaxVance   Dream On // Grammar Princess
MEGA?TE   Preliminary // ATL
Metal_Slug_Mario   Poisoned
Mr.Melee   Not Member of the Year // Nostalgia delusional // Super Smash Bother // Every other turn // Uncle
Nintendo Bros.   Animation hater
Poop Dude   disturbing // Lonic #2
pt_peach    Prolific Talker Peach
Sapphira   \^_~/    // Points to Watoad?s CT then self // Flustered // Incredulous // Awarding // NOT the Forum Bicycle // LAME?D // Creatively Uncreative    //    </ /3     //    </ /3 = you  // Could not grow a beard  //  Your MOM  // Stabbing Chupperson // Incoherent // Insufficient
solidmushroom   I need scissors! 61! // Burn him!
Suffix      PWNZ j00z // Flash Gourden //  Allegro moderato // Concerto grosso // _MIA  //  Congressman // Seattleman // Agonized // Java the Hutt // _swf (24/7) // Dangerous Person // Frozen
Sunbun      Tai Chi
SushieBoy   speshal
TEM   Listen to this man // dip wit // like, totally, master of the keyboard swordtar and stuff
The Chef   Favorite Backseat Moderator // Bacon and Eggs
Toad      fodder
Ultima Shadow       your old title
Unlimited Lumpia   New and doesn't post porn
Vidgmchtr      eoaeeae // Godmother Wheels
WarioLandMan      Town Whiner
Watoad          Self-evictor
Wumbo         Rare contraire
Yoshisaurus Rex      Bookworm

CTs I vaguely remember (from before I started keeping track)
Aarom11      ???      
Black Mage   [something about cell padding]      
bobman37   [something with numbers]      
Khold      the antidote that gets me by      
MEGA?TE   [something regarding lefthandedness] // touch my title again and die   
Watoad      Not in contol // Wasteable   
Yoshisaurus Rex   IRClueless

The CTs in the last list may not be 100% accurate, and ones in braces mean I only remember the subject matter, not the actual CT. If anyone knows of any CTs I'm missing or can correct them, please let me know (in here).

I might make the list easier to read later.
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« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2006, 09:15:24 PM »
1)   Poster of the Year- NOT VOTING
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- Lizard Dude
3)   Best Regular- NOT VOTING
4)   Best Newbie- Robert
5)   Topic of the Year- NOT VOTING
6)   Post of the Year- NOT VOTING
7)   Best Signature- NOT VOTING
8)   Best Custom Title- Waiting for list
9)   Most Amiable- SolidShroom
10)   Most Average- The Chef
11)   Cleverest- Eclipsed Moon
12)   Blast from the Past-
13)   Most Missed- Watoad 2nd: Hyrulian
14)   Wisest and Most Mature-
15)   Social Butterfly- Gifted Girl 2nd: SolidShroom
16)   Most Improved-
17)   Most Helpful- NOT VOTING
18)   Funniest- Bird Person
19)   Dynamic Duo- NOT VOTING
20)   WTD Award- Gifted Girl 2nd: Glorb
21)   Deezer Award- Deezer
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I think my old title about numbers was how long I had left until I was eligible for the MKDS prize I first came here for. I don't remember what the numbers were though

« Reply #9 on: December 20, 2006, 09:29:06 PM »
Never tried one of these before so here goes.
1)   Poster of the Year- No
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- Suffix
3)   Best Regular- TEM
4)   Best Newbie- Kojinka
5)   Topic of the Year- For or Against? The fact that most of us (emphasis on most) could debate such a controversial topic without getting into some flame war shows how much we've grown as a board.
6)   Post of the Year- Wait till edit. No
7)   Best Signature- GET THIS IGNORANCE OUT OF MY SUB-FORUM (sig'd by TEM).
8)   Best Custom Title- cantthinkofaname: oragoodpost
9)   Most Amiable- GiftedGirl
10)   Most Average- Jman
11)   Cleverest- Lizard Dude
12)   Blast from the Past- Eclipsed Moon
13)   Most Missed- Khold
14)   Wisest and Most Mature- Black Mage
15)   Social Butterfly- The Chef
16)   Most Improved- No
17)   Most Helpful- MaxVance
18)   Funniest- TEM
19)   Dynamic Duo- Mr. Melee/Pt_Peach. It seems wherever one goes, the other is there.
20)   WTD Award- Glorb
21)   Deezer Award- TEM
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As a game that requires six friends, an HDTV, and skill, I can see why the majority of TMK is going to hate on it hard.


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« Reply #10 on: December 20, 2006, 09:53:41 PM »
1)   Poster of the Year- Lizard Dude
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- Lizard Dude
3)   Best Regular- SolidShroom
4)   Best Newbie- Robert
5)   Topic of the Year- Chup's Classic Quotes from Boo_penguin
6)   Post of the Year- Happy puppy, TEM
7)   Best Signature- MaxVance's Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised?
Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?
8)   Best Custom Title- cantthinkofaname: oragoodpost
9)   Most Amiable- Suffix
10)   Most Average- Mr. Wiggles
11)   Cleverest- Markio
12)   Blast from the Past- Eclipsed Moon
13)   Most Missed- Khold
14)   Wisest and Most Mature- Sapphira
15)   Social Butterfly- SushieBoy
16)   Most Improved- 1. SolidShroom 2. PtPeach
17)   Most Helpful- Lizard Dude
18)   Funniest- Boo_penguin (he is a member... even if all the funny junk came from #tmk)
19)   Dynamic Duo- The Chef and fuzzy
20)   WTD Award- Glorb/Vidgmchtr (tie)
21)   Deezer Award- Sapphira!!!!!!
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« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2006, 01:00:27 AM »
* Luigison throws a monkey wrench.

1)   Poster of the Year- Deezer
2)   Best Moderator/Admin- 1) MegaByte  2) Deezer
3)   Best Regular- Deezer (Because of all the Metamusel)
4)   Best Newbie- NA
5)   Topic of the Year- Something Deezer started.  He made too many good thread for me to pick just one.
6)   Post of the Year- Same logic as above.
7)   Best Signature- 1) Deezer (He kept the same great sig all year)  2) Lizard Dude (All of them are the best)
8)   Best Custom Title- 1) Lizard Dude  2) Chupperson  3) Deezer
9)   Most Amiable- Hmmm.  Let's see.  Someone who is not Sapphira.  Ah yes, Deezer.
10)   Most Average- Hmmm.  Average for this forum is a pretty low bar.  So, Deezer.
11)   Cleverest- 1) Lizard Dude  2) Deezer
12)   Blast from the Past- 1) David Dayton (other than myself, he has more past than anyone else here)  2) Deezer also lives in the past.
13)   Most Missed- 1) Watoad  2) Watoad  3) Sapphira (I'm not a good shot)  4) Did you think I'd miss voting for Deezer again?
14)   Wisest and Most Mature- 1) MegaByte  2) Deezer
15)   Social Butterfly- If you mean someone who kicks people on the street for swearing, 1) Sapphira  If not, 2) Deezer
16)   Most Improved- 1) Khold  2) Deezer
17)   Most Helpful- Deezer
18)   Funniest- 1) Lizard Dude  2) You aught to be able to figure this out by now, but if not, Deezer.
19)   Dynamic Duo- 1) Sapphira and Chupperson  2) Deezer and Dezzer
20)   WTD Award- 1) Lizard Dude  2) Deezer
21)   Deezer Award- Luigison
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« Reply #12 on: December 21, 2006, 01:19:17 AM »
Uh, you can't vote for yourself. Or can you? Gaaaasp.
All your dreeeeeeams begiiin to shatterrrrrr~
It's YOUR problem!


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« Reply #13 on: December 21, 2006, 01:29:43 AM »
I am now considering Luigison for the WTD Award because his post made me seriously go "WTD."

You can vote for yourself, but it won't count.

Well, I can tell that #13 is going to be a landslide...
Not necessarily. First and second place will likely both be landslides, though. I imagine it'll be a close match among two. Seniority will also likely play an effect; those who're relatively new'll probably vote one way, while those who've been here a long time will probably vote another way.
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« Reply #14 on: December 21, 2006, 02:14:54 AM »
1)?  ? Poster of the Year- Bird Person
2)?  ? Best Moderator/Admin- Luigison
3)?  ? Best Regular- Bird Person
4)?  ? Best Newbie- Unlimited Lumpia (was new, and didn't post porn)
5)?  ? Topic of the Year- The ANGST thread: Complain here! (it spawned two gigantic threads, with some actual interesting content in both)
6)?  ? Post of the Year- That TEM one with the dog pic (original posting)
7)?  ? Best Signature- DeadAwake "? Dr. appointment?  ? ? Walk dog?  ? ? TMK post" (it has been morphing lately, but you should count all the versions as the same for the voting)
8)?  ? Best Custom Title- AB's "FitchPitch", given by MB I guess
9)?  ? Most Amiable- AbercrombieBaseball?  (people bash this guy's gaming noobness all the time and he doesn't even blink)?  ? 2nd: Yoshisaurus Rex
10)?  ? Most Average- SushieBoy?  ? 2nd: Mr. Wiggles
11)?  ? Cleverest- Markio?  ? 2nd: Eclipsed Moon
12)?  ? Blast from the Past- Eclipsed Moon
13)?  ? Most Missed- Watoad
14)?  ? Wisest and Most Mature- Black Mage
15)?  ? Social Butterfly- TEM
16)?  ? Most Improved- NO VOTE
17)?  ? Most Helpful- Fifth
18)?  ? Funniest- Poop Dude?  ? 2nd: Eclipsed Moon
19)?  ? Dynamic Duo- fuzzy & smfan1085
20)?  ? WTD Award- Chupperson Weird (voted for WTD because his posts have devolved into largely one sentence rebukes and not much else WTD?)
21)?  ? Deezer Award- Deezer
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