E3 2009 Photo Spread: Day 1, Part 2
TMK at E3 2009
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After an exciting morning of demos and conferencing, it was time to head over to the convention itself. After leading the somewhat confused Nintendo World Report staffers over to the convention center through a back entrance, they helpfully posed for photos and agreed not to kill me.

MORE Nintendo World Report staff lurks inside the media center. Do you see the exciting banks of computers? At one of those I was yelled at by an unnamed NWR staffer who disliked being asked if he trusted the fungus -- something about being busy with site updates. Jonathan here didn't yell at me, though. (Oh, the irritated staffer and I are fine now. I plastered him with stickers later.)

It's a bit hard to see, but the guy on the left is from "Hammersuit."

In the media lunch room, there was much trust of the fungus -- except from the guy on the right.

Eating lunch in the hallway, and folks STILL trust the fungus!

Hey, it's WayForward -- THEY trust the fungus! Sadly, Shantae wasn't able to attend the conference this year.

It appears that GamePro trusts the fungus as well. All is well.

Target was busy giving free stuff away. I'm not entirely sure why (something to do with free stuff and/or demos of the Transformers games and The Price is Right), but I'll gladly take free water.

It's Paul Gale, who still trusts the fungus! He can be found in another photo spread... go take a look!

A Mega Man 9 shirt deserves a Trust the Fungus sticker -- that and the fact that he's hanging out with a NOA employee.

He trusts the fungus, on the condition that I do no reveal his name nor his company. (Thanks, Matt Casamassina -- IGN will never know you trust the fungus!)

GoNintendo.com trusts the fungus...

...as does Tommy Tallarico. "We're both short Italian guys!"

More Fungus Trust.

The Nintendorks trust the fungus. They appear to have forgotten about my abduction of Mr. Face many years ago.

Walt Disney Imagineering trusts the fungus, but we already knew that, didn't we?

The fungus is trusted even if you CAN'T get into E3! Meet "Cowface," who was lurking in the hallways on the hopes of sneaking onto the show floor when no one was looking. I wonder if he made it...


I didn't have much time to speak with Mr. Wiebe, sadly, but I DID find out that:

1) Aside from Donkey Kong, his favorite Mario series game is Donkey Kong Jr.
2) He has a Wii and loves it.
3) The Wii game he and his family play the most is Mario Super Sluggers.

After the mini-micro interview, Steve went off to prepare for his attempt at breaking the Donkey Kong world record.

While waiting to watch Wiebe's DK attempt, this fine fellow expressed his trust of the fungus.


Just before Steve begins his attempt, a TMK staffer noticed that his Trust the Fungus sticker had been removed. Sadly, Steve Wiebe failed to break his record.

That shirt just screams "I Trust the Fungus."

This nice young lady seemed a bit confused, but cheerfully posed for a photo. Nice shirt!

More fungal trust!
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