It's David Dayton's turn, and he serves up a huge helping of the mailbag. Got something you want us to answer next week? Send it to

    Alright, In Super Mario RPG (super nes), I just beat Valentina and Dodo for the 4th time (different save files). When I went back to Garro, the sculptor's place, and the Mallow statue in the corner of the room was lying flat on it's face on the ground. Can you explain this?
    I have a stategy guide and found every chest it lists, but it says I still need 6 left ... could you please send a list of the locations of every chest?
David: Mallow was laying flat on his back? Must have been up late on New Years. Seriously, I never paid that much attention to the statuary in the sculptor's shop. Odds are that it is either a random occurance OR that the game changes the statue once you beat Valentina. If anyone knows, send us a line!
We don't have a list of the hidden treasures chests up yet, but I recall seeing one on GameFAQs a while back.

    just wanted to congratulate you on the best site ever, but you should tell people about the secret page soon,or at least a hint. I know that won't happen,but things could happen if you try hard enough.
David: I'm sure Deezer appreciates all the thanks he gets! After reading your e-mail, I've decided to follow your advice. I will tell people about the secret page.
Everyone, there is a secret page hidden on TMK!

    I love Mario music in general. Although I enjoy Tezuka's stuff (Wario Land games, etc.), I love Mr. Kondo's music. Mario and Zelda music ROCKS! Anyways, I was wondering where I could find a picture of him. I'd love to know what he looks like... Maybe even next to The great Shiggy? I know! Maybe you could do a feature on HIM!!!!
David:A picture of Koji Kondo? That's a tall order. Sadly, none of our crack team of Mario and Nintendo experts was able to find a picture of the Maestro. If anyone reading could send one in, I'm sure they'd earn our love and admiration.

    Your Site is awesome! I only hope that my Nintendo site will ever be as good as this.
    -Jake Merkis
David: One thing that keeps TMK going is that it has a strongly defined theme that binds it together. TMK is all about Mario. What you need to do is pick something as a central theme and devote the website to that. Nice ASCII blade, though.

    If Yoshi is a dinosaur (which I personally think he is) then how come the big coins with Yoshi's face on them are called dragon coins? Maybe Yoshi is a dragon/dino hybrid.
David: Interesting hypothesis. However, I tend to think they are called dragon coins because NOA's English localization staff doesn't pay attention to detail. This also explains the changing names of Mario enemies, the change in sex of Birdo, etc.

    MST3K Refs
    Movie: Parts (the Clonus Horror)
    In this movie, there is a character with a moustash who looks very little like Mario to me, but its funny anyway. Mike and the robots make references occasionally with lines like, "Go eat a mushroom, Mario" (when another character was mad at him) and my favorite, "Dr. Luigi will be assisting me..."

    Movie: Prince of Space
    This movie was dubbed to english from Japanese, and Mike and the robots use that for much of the comedy in the episode. Towards the biginning of the movie, a Japanese family is eating dinner, and talking. Mike says, "How's this. Two plumbers dodge mushrooms, thrown by a giant monkey. Eh, eh?"

David: Hmm... the residents of the Satellite of Love make Mario references? Do you know what this proves?
Nintendo survives in the third millenium!!!

Say... that nickname looks familiar...

    Some Suncoast Videos Still sell the Mario Bros. 3 Cartoons.
David: Thanks for the info. You'd think they'd make that a major part of their advertising...

    I have taken the labor of recording this one scene at the end of Universal's The Wizard (1989) where they're playing Super Mario Bros. 3 at Video Armaggedon. Now, please note I recorded Wizard off of Nickelodeon's Nick Flicks, and that's edited! Fortunately, the SMB3 scene wasn't cut a bit! If you want a WAV file of the scene, I'll be glad to make it for ya.
David: Sounds interesting. If you could encode it as an MP3, it might make an interesting conversation piece on TMK... or even WTMK! Convert it and send us an e-mail about it.
Kacyn64 also sent a very detailed data sheet on The Wizard. If you want to read it, I believe it is available over at ... the competition! heheheh...

    This isn't really a question,but I have another reference to Mario in a TV show.Have you ever watched that show "Histeria"? It has a bunch of little kids and stuff making fun of history.In one episode, a woman says that someone "looks a little bit like that Super Mario guy."
David: In one episode of Home Improvement, Tim was approached by a game company that wanted to make a Tool Time video game. Tim said that he felt "like Super Mario."
(Yes, I know that that wasn't an answer.)

    Yo, you've not been keeping up to date with the TMK title. It's still on Autumn mode. I miss the good ol' Winter title bar. Bring it on! Erm, and great mailbag. Keep it coming.
David: Er... that's because in The Mushroom Kingdom there is no winter. Snow only falls in the mountains and in Ice Land. Trust me. Would I lie?

    It says "message board shaped marshmallows", but the marshmallow in your christmas logo is clearly not shaped like a message board.
    Yea yea, I know its not a marshmallow, but nonetheless you shouldnt lie! It looks like a marshmallow and thats enough for me

    -P**p on a Stick
David: Our message boards are shaped like marshmallows. Thus, all marshmallows are shaped like our message board.
Oh, the Princess wants me to tell you to change your name or she won't let me talk to you ever again.

    How did you make WTMK? Is there a service that you can go to? Is it free? Why is the sky blue?
    P.S.:I was happy to hear a plug, they've been a favorite site of mine for years.
    -Qwil man
David: Recipe for WTMK
Take one cup of Koji Kondo, add a dash of television commercials, and remix. Sprinkle trivia, codes, and promos on the top. Pour into a subdirectory and mold it into MP3 files. Serve on Live365.
I'm glad you liked the "Nintendorks plug". It really isn't a plug, though. Deezer and I just convinced Mr. Face to do a promo for us. He's really a nice guy. We've been considering hiring him on full time, as the Nintendork's site has been down for a few months now... but we're afraid that Brandon might beat us up.
Mr. Face: Mr. Face say WTMK AWESOME! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!

    I think Qeomash (Who asked what the block in Booster's Tower was for) means the glass thing that looks like a television set? It does seem to be pretty pointless, except if you go into the opening to its right you can stand behind the glass... Its a good way to avoid Booster's Bombs if you don't want to fight them or run away...
    What is your favorite Mario game? Super Mario RPG is definately one of mine. The whole sequence from the end of Moleville until Marrymore is hilarious!
David: Hey -- I think you're right! I remember that block. When you first see it, Booster is hiding behind it, right? The block is probably only there to serve as a sight gag when you first see Booster hiding behind it.
My favorite Mario game? The one, the only, Super Mario Bros. 3! After that, Super Smash Bros.

    Hello TMK,
    I'm a big fan about this site, anyway I heard rumors that nintendo game cube is going to have Super Smash Bros. 2. I also heard it will have lots of new characters. I'm kinda mad at the first smash bros. because it doesn't have one of my favorite characters which is Princess Toadstool Peach. People say that she is a weakling. HELLO have they ever played the games Super Mario Bros. 2 or Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I am talking for lots of Princess Peach fans. I hope she will come out in lots of fighting games because in my opinion she has lots of skills and beauty and I hope she will come out in solo games to. I really like peach and I will always have a crush on her......heheheee thank you for your time and keep doing a great job on this site because I really like the Mario Bros. they have been my idol ever since I first saw them which was when I was four years old. My last hope is that they will air the Super Mario Bros. cartoons and the The Legend of Zelda because they were my favorite TV shows. See ya!!!!!!
David: Princess Toadstool...oooh.... (drool)
Wha? Oh, I must have drifted off there. Yes, it would be great to see the Princess back in action. If Super Smash Bros 2 comes out on the Game Cube (and Nintendo would be nuts not to release it), we can be assured of finding even more Nintendo characters. I really don't know if Peach or her cousin Daisy will be playable characters... I think Wario and Bowser are much more likely candidates. However, we can always hope!

    If Nintendo were to make a sequel to Super Smash Bros. ... Some other nice additions would be magikoopa, with magic attacks and flight ability, chomp, with mega defense and attack, but little mobility, Boshi, a faster and meaner version of Yoshi, and Geno, with super speed and attack powers, the Geno beam also makes a comeback!
David: Magikoopa is a possibility, although I think HAL and Nintendo are more likely to choose more well known characters. However, I can assure you that Mallow, Geno, Boshi, and just about every other character that was introduced in Super Mario RPG will NOT be in SSB2. Nintendo and Square jointly own the copyrights on those characters... and until Square is on speaking terms with Nintendo again, it just isn't going to happen.

    I got a good time on Moleville Mountain in SMRPG. I don't have a scanner, so you don't have to put me on. I got 1:54.16 time!
    Could you help me out in Tetris Attack. I want to know how to play as your rivals!
    -Todd Begin
David: Eeps. You guys are better than me at that minecart race.
The Tetris Attack rival code? I thought Deezer put that in the entry for Tetris Attack in the Games section. Ah, here it is.

    On Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, I can't get the picture for the third Bowser. I beat him with fireballs 8 times at least. Is this a glitch? Can I fix this?
David: That's not a glitch -- that's an undocumented challenge feature! Nintendo wanted to make the game harder, so they thought it would be funny if they had you start your game over several times...
Just kidding. It sounds like some kind of weird game glitch. There was a problem with the Yoshi eggs in SMB DX that had a similar effect. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
You could always call Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700 and tell them. It sounds like a problem with the game.

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