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    Me again Super Mario All-Star. we'll any way I beaten Super Mario Bros1,2,3 and then Super Mario World, Lost levels,Mario kart1,2 (2 or Mario Kart 64) Yoshi Safari on Hard mode , Hotel Mario,Super Mario Land 1,2and Super Mario RPG and Super Mario 64 ( In a spand of three years) Do you think I should Be a Mario Legend or do I have more games to Conquer.

    P.S. I forgot Mario is Missing and Mario's time machine
    -Super Mario All-Star or ( Super Mario legend)

Deezer: I wish I could forget them too...

    In response to the person who mentioned a Mario like game in the Tiny Toons episode. The Game was called Super Plucky-o Bros. It featured Plucky Duck in an obvious parody of Super Mario Bros. I remember the background music being very very similar to the SMB music with some variations in rhythym and notes. I don't remember any other specifics about the game, but I think it was for the Ninny-tendo system. Hope this helps
    -Kyle Orland

Deezer: Thanks Mr. SMBHQ!

    In one episode of "Boy Meets World" that I saw on a rerun, Mr. Fini is complaining about how this generation takes for granted all the imformation and knowlege presented to us. We have access to more information than any previous generation, and how do we use it? "To beat King Koopa, and save the princess."

Deezer: ...and the laugh-track goes wild!

    Did you know that there is a street in Sweden named after Mario? It's called Marios Gata (gata is the swedish word for street). You can find it in Kungsbacka outside Gothenburg. The company Bergsala who sells Nintendo games in Sweden lays, they theirself payed for the name switch (the street was originally named Energivägen (which directly translated means Energyroad). You can read more about this in the swedish Super PLAY #42, if you want me to I could scan in the page with the article translate and send it to you.

Deezer: Neat! (Psst, don't forget about the scans... :-)

    SJ64 is worng. The block I was referring to, like I'd said before, is the one floating high above. And, just like before, I don't have any idea what it's there for.

    Those of you who are still confused, (maybe even SJ64), you can go to my webpage at and click the link in the new section to get yourself a visual aide. (The block I'm reffering to is the one with the Red Circle around it.)

    P.S. As for Pokemaniac10101's question, that Statue changes about every time you enter Garro's home. (Only after Valentina, I don't know.)

Deezer: In that case, SJ64 was VERY "worng."

    Can you explain why there are no compilation games for the N64? You know what I mean--games along the lines of Super Mario Allstars? Are there any plans to combine any SNES games into one N64 cartridge? I don't see why there couldn't be Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on one cartridge. Maybe they could throw in the original Mario Kart.
    -Grady Martin

Deezer: That would be cool. Sadly, we probably won't be seeing any kind of Mario compilation cartridge for N64. I, for one, think it would be a wise move for Nintendo to bring back some of the classics for the GameCube. With all that storage space they have on those GameCube discs, I'm sure they could release "Mario NES Library" and "Mario Super NES Library" compilations! But of course, to make more money they would probably split it up like "Super Mario: NES Collection Vol. 1", "Super Mario: NES Collection Vol. 2", etc.

    I'm baaa-aaack!

    1: I would like to anser someone's earlier question:
    0-2 Fireworks: Mushroom
    3-4 Fireworks: Flower
    5-20 Fireworks: Star
    So yes, you did come upon a fluke. These player's guides make life a lot easier. ^^

    Also, I'd like to thank Deezer(and whoever sent glitches in) for the wonderful glitch coverage.
    Those are so fun to perform! ^^

    Whoever-answers-this, tell Deezer that he can get a better board than the one he has at's, I believe). You can download a free UBB(Ultamate Bulletin Board) there.

    PS: I almost forgot; whoever-answers-this, what is your standpoint on Dr. Mario 64--coming out in April?
    -Golem the Mario Cult Fan

Deezer: I'll be sure to tell him about the board!

P.S. Dr. Mario 64 looks promising. I'm sure many people will be reluctant to buy it if they own the NES or Game Boy version, but what seals the deal for me is the $29.99 MSRP, 4-player simultaneous play, and Wario Land 3 characters.

    WELL WELL WELL J.J. remember me (laughs). You called me a rich guy that complains about his taxes. BUT I had good reason to complain about the SUPER MARIO BROS. CARTOONS AND THE ZELDA ONES TO. I still cannot find those cartoons and even if I never do, they should create a knew Mario cartoon like an Adventures of Super Mario 64 and should look 3-D like Beast Wars or something like that. Also they should create a sequel to the SUPER MARIO BROS. movie because I want to know what Princess Daisy was talking about at the ending of the movie. If they ever do make another Mario Bros. movie it should look like a MARIO movie because there was alot of mistakes or mess up's on the first one

Deezer: Don't worry, he wasn't calling you a whiney rich person; it was just one of his clever analogies.

    Onyx asked how he got a flower-firework at the ending of Super Mario RPG when he only had one firework. The trick is, he _HAS_ one firework. I imagine he bought another one somewhere along the line and traded it in for a shiny stone. Like you said: You get a better ending by BUYING more Fireworks, not by HAVING more fireworks. I BOUGHT a dozen fireworks in one of my games, selling them immediately afterwards to contribute to the next purchase (Yes, I have too much time on my hands), and my ending has fireworks all over the place with the Star firework at the end. Fun! Mystery solved.

    P.S. Do you know if Paper Mario will use the Rumble Pak? I would think so, but you never can be sure of things.
    -SJ64, Super Mario RPG Addict

Deezer: P.S. Yes, it will.

    Hello Deezer!
    I go to your website on about a weekly basis, lately for the mailbags. I was reading the 1/19/01 one, and read an article about downloading mario and zelda cartoons. The second paragraph talks about someone having old mario tapes somewhere collecting dust, and they could record them to computer for people to download. So I look to my left, at the VCR, and see my five SMW, SMB3, and SMBSS tapes collecting dust (very odd coincidece, eh?). So I thought to myself, why not? I've got the recording software, the hard drive space, etc.

    For anyone who's interested (I'm sure alot of people are by now) I have 2 FULL mario episodes currently available for download at my website, in the TV Show Downloads page - . The videos are in ASF format, and can be played in Windows Media Player. I hope everyone takes the time to download them. I will updating the page with another episode soon.

Deezer: Holy ravioli!

    WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WTMK?????? I hear all of you talk about it but I don't know what it is could you clear this up for me?

Deezer: Mario radio. All Mario, all the time.

    In an earlier mailbag someone mentioned that the cartoons were animated in Asia by a cheap animation studio. The name of the studio is Pacific Rim Productions. I assume it's in Korea somewhere.

    It think DIC hired a cheap animation studio because Nintendo wanted them to produce episodes before the new season deadline and didn't give them much time. TAOSMB3 and SMW aired the September after they were released so you can tell they had to be rushed. That's why there were also only 13 half hour episodes for each series because 13 is the minimum number of episodes that can be produced by a series. That's why they only showed episodes once a week.

    Of course the for the Super Show there was a lot more time to work on it and Nintendo paid for more episodes so 52 episodes were produced along with 13 Zelda episodes. But the Mario cartoons were still animated at Pacific Rim. I don't know where Zelda was done though, because it had a different style of animation.

Deezer: Leapin' lasagna!

    Have you ever watched the movie "Beethoven"? About an hour into the movie, you can see Ryce and Ted playing World 5-3 of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Deezer: Anyone got a copy of Beethoven and a video capture doohickey? :-)

    1. How do you become a link? I have e-mailed but got no response.

    2. Do you think it is possible you will ever get a "Last update" thingy on the intro page of TMK? I usually check every three days but that would be nice also.

    Those are my questions. Great site; keep it up! This is my most visited Mario site on the net.


1. I don't usually reply to link requests or "YKYPMGTMW..." submissions. Everything is being saved for when I finally update those pages, however.

2. Suggestion noted...

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